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Some Alternatives of PowerPoint for Apple iPad

Microsoft has been planning to launch the Office platform together with Apple but before that happens, there are some apps present in the ipad that lets the user create and edit documents and PowerPoint presentations. While working on ipad, it’s more realistic to use the apps available on the ipad for presentations. These presentation apps have given a tough competition to the Microsoft PowerPoint.


Here we have listed some alternatives of PowerPoint present on ipad, the list goes like:

  1. Xavier Presentations for iPad Launched in December 2011, this app is popular for giving enough features to the user to let him take control of the meeting. Its unique feature enables the user to share the presentation on 22 or more iPads at one go. This app also shows the user actual amount of people present in the meeting. The import of presentations from other devices is also very easy because it synchronizes well with the other devices.
  2. Keynote The people who have used keynote before, never tend to switch to the other apps. This app offers a very user friendly interface which makes it really easy to use. The editing, creating and color filling is quite easy with this app which makes this the most sought for iPod application for this year. The exporting of presentations has been the easiest with this application; the exported presentation goes in a pdf format. The design and the format of this app is really appealing and though this app is the most expensive of all the apps, there would be no doubt in tagging this app to be the best in business.
  3. Power Presenter Power presenter has gained popularity with its low price; it is very affordable for every ipad user. Even though it’s really inexpensive and affordable, there are some features in this app which beat the other apps. It enables the user to draw the on the white screen. The versatility of this app can be seen with the fact that it can show presentations, HTML files, pdf files as well as the word documents. This app offers a great range of features in an affordable price which makes this app the most reasonable presentation app for ipads.
  4. Slide Shark Number one in our list, this is the most popular Ipad application for making  presentations. It enables the user to make and control the presentations. As is the USP of Ipads, there is a slide option available to shuffle through the presentation. This app helps the user to share the presentation via face book, twitter and other social networking sites. The synchronization this app achieves with the other laptops pr desktops is quite commendable and it’s easy to upload the presentation you created on your ipad to the laptop or desktops alike. The auto play feature of this app stands this app out from the other apps available in the market.

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