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Some alternatives to Windows media centre on Windows 8

Previously we were getting windows 8 along with Windows Media Centre. But now-a-days we cannot get this service both as in packed form. But you can still avail this service by changing your operating system to Windows 8 Pro and then by purchasing the media centre pack. If Windows 8 users don’t want a priced plan to buy the two separate upgrades then a program is available which works as an alternative media for you.

There are some applications which are made to avail the similar facilities as media centre. These modern apps are Netfix, Hulu, and other different types of media services. When you use these apps you can make out that these are the perfect alternatives for your convenience. So use of these modern apps in your computer is smarter and better choice.

XBMC is also one of the favorite choices of the alternative of the media centers. It is otherwise named as Xbox media center which was originally created for Xbox. But the later developments include various operating systems i.e. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and android as well. All the media formats can run using this application. If you want different functions like TV capture interface, Live TV and recording and other applications that are created via add-ons.

Plex is one of the famous media players coming with the components plex media server as backend and plex media server as the front end. Using this app you can let your computer access any possible media centre. Another best benefit of this includes the work process for all operating system with android also. So this benefit makes you use your device on one central server. While the above apps support watching and live streaming of TV, plex does not support all this.

Media Portal:
Media portal is one of the favorite choices among the alternate choice of media centers which comes with the best derived features from XBMC. It provides you the best user’s interface to choose between XBMC and this one. The best features include standard PVR features for playing, recording and different other choices to make you love this. You can stream the online videos and watch videos from DVD by using this awesome app.

Moovida is another popular application for you to choose from. Default options include best spyware and junk protection. Most of the people do not recommend it for use because of its unnecessary spyware protections. It also lacks some of the features which the above mentioned apps provide. These are for the online streaming of videos and other TV applications. However it has the optimized way of file management and playing content on TV and computers. Media portal comes to you with no complications at all. So these features have made it in the top preferences by the users.

So these are the best five alternative apps which can be used alternatively to the media center. You won’t not need any media centers for such a high price.

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