Some Best Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

Likely, you have a couple of blogs that you like to read regularly. What if you too could do what they do and make a living from it? A lot of others have done it, and if you take the right steps, you too could have a profitable blog. Of course, you should keep your ideals realistic and be very patient because this is a process that does take time. A lot of the high traffic blogs out there today didn’t get their status for at least 12-18 months, sometimes longer.
Choosing a High-Traffic Niche

In order to build high traffic to a blog, you have to be talking about something that people are interested in. And at the same time, you have to make sure that your blog isn’t trying to compete with a lot of high-ranking sites. This will make it harder for you to rank highly alongside them — after all, the top 10 on Google can only fit 10 Web sites. Instead, try going with a sub-niche that is more specific and use long-tail keywords to help you rank higher quicker.

Some Best Tips to Becoming a Successful Blogger

Writing Amazing Content

People aren’t going to come to your blog to read your perfectly SEO’d content. If your blog posts aren’t informal or the least bit interesting, then your bounce rate is going to soar. Your content should be engaging and well-though out, providing your readers with substance that will make them want to return time and time again.


Being a Social Media Whiz

You should use social media as a way to establish yourself as an authority, not to simply advertise your site. Make sure only some of your posts is promotion, while majority are actually helping your followers. Get involved in their discussions and add value them. Once you are seen as someone to trust, you will gain a more loyal following.

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  1. The post is a good one, even though i was expecting something longer in terms of the tips. When i started my first blog, i had no idea about these especially things like keyword research talkless of long tail keywords. All the same, thanks for sharing.

  2. first of all thanks for this post, small number of lines making much sense, have to practice these, and i think every successfull blogger will have to pass through these you mentioned

  3. To success in blogging, need 3 valuable qualities – PATIENCE(it’s a time taken process), KNOWLEDGE (must have good knowledge on chosen niche) & SKILL (how to promote the blog correctly).

    Create a valuable content and update regularly to attract the blog visitors and need at least 90% of organic traffic.

  4. To success in blogging need an at least 90% traffic from organic visitors (new sessions). But, must aware how a blog works and promote properly. You have pointed some important points which are really worthy. First think need quality content and regular updates of the blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Everyone wants be a good blogger but everyone cant because of they can’t spend enough time for it. Lot of people use lot of tools for making nice blog. Sometime people buy content from content writer, but sometime things are not working same way.

    Amazing content is always welcome sometime content is very nice but design of the blog can spoil blogging. Suppose blog is about food related but content is about health related then excellent writing also won’t works good. Thanks for sharing bro


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