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Some Online Apps For Increasing Your Typing Speed

Zoom On With Your Typing Speed!

In today’s fast-changing world, increasing your typing speed is an absolute necessity and a variety of online applications are available, to help you achieve that. A good typing speed will enable you to match the quick pace of today’s generation, so that you do not lag behind and taste failure. It is easy, once you get the hang of the proper technique. The online apps tutor you to upgrade your typing speed, by showing the rules involved in keyboard memorization and also that of the number pad. helps you to constantly judge your typing speed, and record any improvement whatsoever. The app keeps a tab on the words you type per minute by calculating the WPM (Words Per Minute) in a given set of time, so that you get to realize your shortcomings.

This is a lot like, only here they do not offer you a pre-defined text. This might seem a bit tough, as you are supplied with a series of scrambled words. As you start typing, the app indicates the keys you should press and also the errors are displayed in bold red.

TypeFaster Typing Tutor:

It is a freeware app that can teach you to type much faster, using the technique of touch typing. There is no need to look at your keyboard, rather first you type and then you can view the formation of the sentences, on your monitor. You will slowly develop the habit, and your typing speed will drastically improve!

How Fast Can You Type The Alphabet:

This appears like a simple, basic game, and enables you to learn the positioning of the alphabets on your keyboard and thus upgrades your typing speed level. You will gradually get accustomed to typing on a Qwerty keypad.

Stamina Typing Tutor:

This online app helps you to increase your typing speed, by employing both traditional and alternative techniques of typing. The peculiarity which makes it different from other typing softwares is the entertainment factor, and it does not put on a serious tone, and relaxes you with funny sounds, and pictures.


This app is really interesting and is bound to catch your attention immediately! It is visually impressive, and creates a wonderful environment, to keep you going. It is suitable for learners of all ages and can become addictive with its stunning visuals. The sensational online keyboard makes it easy to concentrate on typing.

Typing Invaders:

This is beautifully modeled on the game of Space Invaders, and you can get hooked to it. The fun factor charms you enough to be tempted to use this online app, as a cheerful way to improve your typing speed.

Qwerty Warriors:

This online app helps you to get involved by setting a definite goal as you have to stay virtually alive, to continue playing this game or practicing this software This amusing game makes the typist “shoot and kill” his way to survival, along with enhancing his typing speed!


This online app is based on the concept of racing games, where you have to perform well and outrace your online opponents with your typing speed. This also locates your errors and allows you to correct them, as you drive your racing car!

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