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Some things you need to know about iPhone 3G

It is always pleasure to lay our hands on the new iPhone and when it is the new iPhone 3G from Apple, things become even more exclusive. iPhone 3G provides its users with more rapid 3G wireless network along with several other dynamic features. The Apps store hosts several new third party apps and software that makes the life of the user much easier. It has already created a new benchmark in the world of smartphones by providing some extraordinary features. With iPhone 3G, the users have crystal clear call experience and even the 3G reception is much improved. The music or the video quality is as usual good and Apple has never given any scope of complaints in this department.


Design and Display

The difference in the design is minimal, so you will barely notice any changes that have been incorporated in the device, if you are not told about the thin silver rim on the first place. Now you will get plastic face, instead of aluminum back and even the color has been changed to black or white rather than the silver back that you generally associate with iPhones. The screen size of the phone is 3.5 inches and the resolution that the users enjoy is of 480X320 pixels. The user will have the same fluid movement, sharp graphics and bright colors. Two icons are placed on the home screen for ease of operation and for that Contacts icon and iTunes App Store icon are made available.


The battery that comes with this device is a non removable Li-Ion battery that will provide you with talk time of up to 10 hours. As per the company specification, the iPhone 3G comes with a standby time of 300 hours.


The users will be able to make use of the 2 MP rear camera for clicking photos, but the main problem is that there is no flash. Now if you are trying to take pictures in low light, then the quality will definitely go down.


No external card slot is available, so the users have to be satisfied with either 8GB or 16 GB memory card they are opting for. 128MB RAM is being put to use in here.


People who had a tough time in entering the SIM can now heave a sigh of relief as Apple has included a tool for the SIM removal in the box. The speaker is at the bottom and so is the microphone along with the port for charging the device. This new device supports the Microsoft Exchange Server completely. The iPhone 3G Apple manual contains detailed instructions on how to use the phone.

Final Words

The call quality has improved for better and the app store has incorporated some pretty interesting apps to score high amongst the users. Users who are looking forward to enjoy an Apple device with some enhanced features can opt for this device, which has tried to make things easier for the users.

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