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Special TVH Offering from is a real estate portal that has changed the way properties are searched and purchased over the internet. This portal was started after endeavours of two students failed to find sufficient information while searching for homes in Mumbai. Two years since its inception, is currently worth Rs. 1500 crores. This ascension in value took place after Japan’s Softbank acquired 30% stake in the company for $70 million. This move has cemented the place of as one of the most potent technology start-ups of this decade.


The housing portal utilizes computer design and hardcore analytics to come up with new and relevant information to allow users to easily search for properties on this portal. Verified information along with a holistic market view allows a seamless property search experience. Additionally, there is a section devoted to home loans and another for rental agreement services (currently in Bangalore). All these features make the portal a one-stop-shop for all property needs.

That being said, has not finished offering new features. The portal will unveil its brand new tool called “Slice View” during the limited offer of Tata Value Homes. The website has tied up with Tata Housing company to enter into limited period offer for sales of Tata Homes. This has also presented an opportunity to make the deal all the more effective by the use of a new home grown “Slice View”. This tool has been specifically designed to browse apartments in a building by “slicing through floors” and make a purchase once a buyer has settled for one.

The Power of Collaboration

Tata Housing has revolutionized the affordable housing section. The company has created a wholly owned subsidiary called Tata Value Homes(TVH) to ensure that adequate and good quality houses are provided to the masses across the country. It has been operational since the past four years and has considerable assets in place for property development across India. In the first phase of development; Chennai, Bangalore and Pune have been targeted. There are two major projects under development in Chennai while one each in Pune and Bangalore.

Each of these projects bear the characteristics of a Tata product. They have been made for the masses and yet the quality has remained impeccable which makes them all the more lucrative to buyers. Each of these projects have targeted a specific market segment.

There are homes for those who would like to live in modern housing societies. There are others for those who would like an exotic Spanish design and yet in a setting that would allow them to lead a social life based around families and friends. The Tata Housing projects also offer Mediterranean style of homes for those who wish to lead a life which is a mix of modern and traditional; Indian and European.

When such a revolutionary brand ties up with a company as innovative as, the collaboration undoubtedly has a positive impact. Having assessed the demand and supply, has allowed buyers to book properties at a negligible cost of Rs. 30000 if done from its portal. Tata has assured the buyers that in such a case, they would see 10% price appreciation within a week of purchase. The housing portal also has sought this to be the perfect opportunity to bring to the consumers its new Slice View tool.

In Conclusion

The special offering from TVH in collaboration with would benefit the buyers immensely. This is also a good opportunity to assess the Tata Homes with ease and without actually visiting the project sites.


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