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How to Squeeze Most Out of your Android Phone’s Battery

Smartphones have rapidly taken the position of one of the basic utilitarian gadgets in the present age. However, smartphones, primarily due to their increased number of running apps and the internet, are in dire need of having a battery life that will last more. In several cases, it has been seen that, the battery does not even last that long. However, with a few simple tips it is possible to squeeze more than what you are doing now from your Android phone. Just install these applications enjoy the maximum with your Android phone.

Improve Android Phone Battery

Make use of Power Control Plus:

In most Android phones, there is a widget called ‘Power Control’. This is a simple widget that allows you to toggle between several functions like Wi-Fi, GOS and Bluetooth, synchronization and brightness directly from your home screen. Power Control Plus is an app that will help you to minimize the discharging of your phone battery and will also kill applications that are habitually draining your battery power even when not in use. You get to avail as many as 30 functions from this app. For example, you hardly need Wi-Fi while driving and turning them off can save a lot of power. This is what Power Control Plus does for you.

Personalize your mail account setup:

One of the major power eaters that discharge your phone are the Push notifications like incoming mails to your mail accounts. So, one of the best ways to optimize your battery life will be to set your phone to receive mail notifications every hour or so, and hence, enjoy both a long battery life as well as a turned on internet connection that helps you to receive notifications all the time.

Fine tune the brightness:

We all know that larger LCDs are a big source of power consumption. So when that adds to the constant usage of a smartphone, a very small battery life almost becomes a given. However that need not be so. Setting the brightness to a high level consumes more power. So, tune down the brightness of your screen and enjoy better battery life noticeably.

Smart power management applications:

Make good use of a power management application in order to ignore the applications that you want to run and end those that you don’t want to. Power Manager, Airplane Auto Switch and Scribble are some of the apps that will help to boost up your RAM by closing unnecessary apps. However, the best solution is Locale, which will supervise all the functions dependent on your location.

Download while charging:

You may download anything, including heavy apps, but it will discharge the battery very quickly. Naturally, it is a good idea to get over with all your downloads as long as you have your phone connected to the charger. This will not only save the battery, but you will probably have your phone connected to your Wi-Fi connection and this will help save on data expenses too. Invest in a spare battery or a charger for the car, so that while you are travelling, you can use this time for charging your phone.

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