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Surplex App: Buy and Sell Used Industrial Machinery in Auction

mzl.pruuwkao.1136x1136-75_programView1_165714Surplex is an innovative and forward thinking company that was founded in 1999. It operates a leading auction site for used industrial machinery, including metal and woodworking machines and plants. Right from the start, the company operated as an Internet marketplace, recognising online auctions and sales as the most efficient way for both buying and selling plants. The company offers a full range of related services, valuing items and advising on the best course of action for the vendor. Surplex also buys used machines directly, offering the most rapid route to achieve a return on your used plant. This is especially useful where you need to make space for new machines or you simply don’t have the time to find a new buyer.


Surplex has specific strengths in auctions and counts with some of the biggest names in the industry as customers. Where large quantities of plants are involved, this can be the most efficient means of sale. Blue chip giants like ABB, Linde and ThyssenKrupp depend upon these services. The company handles all aspects of the auction, from valuation and stock-taking right through to sale and premise clearance.

594185_original_R_B_by_bagal_pixelio.deSurplex is always looking for ways to make these auctions even more efficient and with this in mind it has launched the Surplex auction app. The app is truly groundbreaking and brings the advantages of the latest technology to the world of industrial plant auctions. This is a fully featured app that creates a new standard in convenience and efficiency in industrial auctions. The app allows you to take part in auctions no matter where you are or how busy your schedule. You can search every active auction, create a list of favourites, decide what bids to place and monitor your progress. At each stage of the process you will be kept right up to date in real time.

The app integrates perfectly with the Surplex online marketplace, developed in-house and used by 80,000 visitors every month across 150 countries. As you might expect of a quality app, it is instantly available via Apple Store and GooglePlay. Simply download and in seconds you will have the best bargains in second hand industrial machinery right there in your pocket, no matter where you are.


Get the app for iPhone and iPad here.

Get the app for Android here.


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