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SysAid Is Flexible Enough for Almost Any IT Deployment

If you need to integrate technical support into your help desk system and don’t have a lot of time for selecting different tools, SysAid makes it relatively easy to accomplish. There’s ticket tracking, remote support, automation and a lot of features attached to those big categories to make most of your support woes a simple task to handle.

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The core of SysAid runs like an automation and ticket-handling system. You can create tasks and simple entries for end-users to get the help they need, whether it’s password resets or figuring out which network drives they should be using for storage.

Power really comes from the way that tickets can be tied to the major parts of the experience. Do you have users who are always downloading crapware and getting viruses? You can attach a browser history search to the virus removal to figure out where they’re going and track it with the ticket.

Does someone keep asking different techs to do illegal things? In addition to filing a ticket about problem users, you can set a script to alert certain emails when a user brings in a request. That way, even if the new guy at the help desk doesn’t know the history, someone will be notified when that new software installs or if a new ticket comes in about the users.

Aside from these perks, here’s a look at what a few individual modules can do.


Automation Scheduling and Prioritization

Tired of having to deal with Windows or Mac systems and their annoying demands for attention or specific scheduler terms? SysAid’s service desk software isn’t just an automation tool. When you want to schedule certain tasks to be done at certain times, it can push other tasks scheduled to handle them first.

Why would priorities matter?

Consider a system that needs to run an antivirus scan at a certain time, backups at a certain time, but there’s a sudden need for software installation. If the software change needs to happen first, the other two tasks can slow the installation down or lead to crashes.

To solve this, you can set that software package task as a priority. The other tasks pause or close to be reopened at a later time and the software installation is handled. Instead of being a generic ‘software installation here’ tag that could be exploited by viruses trying to get into an escalated set of permissions, the permission is for the software package in that automation task.


Remote Support and Ticket Connection

Shuffling between trouble tickets, nagging emails from end users and other systems can be a pain. Thankfully, you can reduce screen-switching and hectic referencing by keeping your tickets and action areas in the same place.

With SysAid, you can get remote control from the ticket itself. While reading through ticket information and gathering info about what to do next, you don’t need to go scrambling through other tabs to use other remote login sites or launch your remote support console.

Simply, work from the ticket. It’s an easy way to get things done without getting disorganized. There are a lot of other ways to centralize and organize your work, of course, but SysAid’s method flows well and I see no real need to change it.


Surveying Users with System-Specific Control

Tired of those generic surveys at the end of certain tools? Do you want to give end users a way to report their issues and get to the point without getting into an argument about how bad their long-winded email can be? Do you want to drag a bit more information out of people who just say, “It’s broken,” and fold their arms?

You can guide users through responses with customized surveys. This allows you to write your own questions and give multiple fields for answers. Limit the minimum and maximum words used to make things a lot easier on you while making sure users submit the information they’re supposed to submit.

While you’re at it, tie it to the ticket. Reference your surveys to your ticket information to figure out which task spawned the report – whether it looks like the survey is related to the ticket or not.

It could be pent-up frustration from issues in the past, but it could contain clues relevant to the situation. You can also use these ticket-to-response pairings to figure out if users are being silent about issues, then suddenly bringing in a lot of problems without going through the proper channels.

This gets more into interpersonal conflict resolution, but SysAid can leave a pretty good paper trail to shake if there’s a problem user.

Give it a try. SysAid is a powerful, flexible and scalable solution that can make your help desk or technical support system work a lot more smoothly, right out of the box.

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