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How is Technology Developing to Support Businesses?

In the 21st century, technology is a vital component to any business’s success. From charities to start-ups to large multi-national corporations, all businesses require technology to succeed and, broadly, the more bits of technology you can use, the better. In this post, we take a detailed look at how technology is developing to support businesses.

How is Technology Developing to Support Businesses?

The Cloud

Cloud computing is just computing based on the internet. Nowadays, people use cloud computing without even realising. Updating your Facebook status requires cloud computing, as does using mobile banking. Whether you’re sending emails via your phone or using apps to help you manage your workflow on the go, it’s likely that you’re using cloud computing to help you run your business, too.

So, how does the cloud help support businesses?

  • Increases flexibility
  • Helps recover from disasters
  • Automatically updates software
  • Increases potential for collaboration
  • Let’s you work from anywhere
  • Helps you become more environmentally friendly

You can learn more about how here.

Social Media

Gone are the days of expensive advertising for businesses. With social media, you can do a lot of your advertising and marketing for free, potentially saving you thousands.

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow businesses to communicate with audiences that they’d otherwise be unable to. Rather than taking out pricey newspaper or radio adverts, you can instead post on social media and, if you use the correct hashtags, it should be read.

If you like, you can even spend some money promoting them in order to try and increase your followers and your audience.

Other social media platforms, like Instagram and LinkedIn present other opportunities, too. So be aware of all the different forms of social media and the benefits they can provide your business.


Finally, having the correct in house technology is vital to the success of your business, so make sure that your servers are up to speed. Servers are an area where you really don’t want to be cost-cutting, as your entire business is incredibly reliant upon them for everything that it does.

As such, you should opt for a reliable brand, such as Dell. Top servers such as these are readily available online from places such as Pinnacle, so there really is no excuse not to upgrade.

To conclude, technology has become increasingly important for all 21st century businesses. Make sure you upgrade all of yours to make sure you’re up with the trends and don’t get left behind.


  1. Social media is very helpful for growing any business, one can advertise his/her business on social media and get advantage of it.

  2. Yes. Every company should actually invest in a reputable cloud computing. It would save storage and worries that your data wouldn’t be put to waste, once a physical storage crashes.


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