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The Technology Needed to Fix America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

One of the big campaign promises made by now President Donald J. Trump during his campaign was to do something about America’s crumbling infrastructure. To put it bluntly, it is a mess. Roads are in a tragic state of disrepair, our public transportation systems are outdated and in need of eco-friendly sources of power, our telecommunications systems are years behind many other developed nations, and worst of all? Our water supply! It will take more than money to fix these issues.

Picture Credits: TIME
Picture Credits: TIME

It will take highly skilled and trained professionals with a passion for civil engineering. Yes, a budget is important, but without civil engineers to design, plan and develop updated infrastructure, all the money in the world won’t fix the problem. The answer is to put together a team of civil engineers with the background in technology needed to update and rebuild everything from roads to reservoirs to telecommunication systems.

A Look at What One Leading Civil Engineering Online Program Is Doing

At Ohio University within their online civil engineering masters degree program, they make every effort to recruit students with a passion for fixing what is broken in our system. To this department, Civil Engineering, it’s more than just keeping enrolment up. They actively pursue students who want to make a difference. With a series of articles on their website explaining the problems our country now faces, it is the hope that they ignite the fire of passion within potential enrollees. Water is a huge issue and they make no bones about it.

Where Technology Can ‘Fix’ America’s Outdated Water System

Consider the fact that most of the infrastructure that handles the nation’s water supply was designed and built way back in the 1970s. That was long before the days of the computerized water management systems we have today and even setting that aside, can you imagine the holding tanks and the state of decay they are in? Technology has come a very long way in the last 50 years and we now have the means to reclaim water for safe use, but to what extent? With inadequate holding and transporting systems, reclaiming it is a moot point.

Beyond Our Waterways

If waterways were the only problems in our infrastructure, the solution might be easier. However, when you consider the fact that we need updated Interstates and roadways in all major cities and across all states, the problem suddenly get much bigger. Factor in pipelines that carry oil to refineries, natural gas to consumers, electric lines that have seen better days and so many more issues which are yet to be dealt with, and you can see that the technology within our infrastructure is in crisis. Only part of the problem can be attributed to budget, albeit a large part, but we simply don’t have adequate professionals to design, plan and implement updated technology for our infrastructure.

Perhaps the one thing our new president can do is to inspire youth to go forward, seeking an education that will produce a hi-tech team of civil engineers passionate about what they do. Even inspiring our youth to get a civil engineering degree online could potentially add thousands of workers in the field – workers we so desperately need.

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