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The Best Tools for Back Links Analysis for SEO

When we talk of search engine optimization or other search marketing techniques, we always consider link analysis in order to trust the data that we use. Link analysis helps us arrive at the bench mark that every marketing project needs to put the right work in place or to track performance. Because this process is so fundamental to search engine optimization, many tools have come up to make this process easier for the user.


This is aimed at client side amateur marketing people who want to make sure their link quality is benchmarked against the big competitors in the market. These tools should also help you review your SEO performance or find any spot opportunity to partner with other sites, like offered by blogger outreach.

You should understand that link analysis is done before any link building campaign is started. This is because you will need to know how many links you have, as benchmarking uses the number of individual sites linking to your website, as opposed to the total number of links leading to your site. Link configuration will require you to understand the quality of any link to your site, and any related anchor text that comes with it. Link analysis will involve comparing your site to that of your competitor in terms of quality, number and anchor text. The following are some tools that should set you on your way:

Google Link

This is a collection of link analysis tools that has been put up by Google and is quite comprehensive in its versatility. Google webmaster Tools give quite a deep analysis of the website with easy customisation factors. On the upside, it is free, quick and simple. On the downside however, there is the fact that only a small segment of links that are actually displayed. You will need extra plugins in order to export and pull together the links. The biggest drawback is that data about the links are not provided, i.e. you cannot see the page rank of the URL.

Open Site Explorer

This is the phoenix born from the ashes of Yahoo site explorer. With a simple free login you can access to all the useful data, even if the total number of links are limited. You cannot track links over time against competitors to see your progress, and you need to pay for analysing beyond 1000 links. However you have exporting facility inbuilt.

Majestic SEO

Majestic’s pride is its index size and its reporting ability. It provides limited functionality for free, and is quick as you can trend links over time and compare against opposite sites. It provides you with anchor text analysis and the export functionality also for free.

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  1. Opensite explorer is a great tool! It gives concrete information about your backlinks status and statistics are quite cool. I’ve heard a lot about MajesticSEO. I’ve signed up for the trial version and I guess it’s worth the price since it offers important data which is useful for business monitoring.


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