The First Thing to Do With Your New Android Phone

So you just got hold of your new Android Phone but you are totally confused how to get started with it which settings should you customize and what should you add into your Android Phone. If you are also confused about all these stuffs then you have come to the right place as here we will give you a detail guide for first thing you should do with your New Android Phone.

As even thou the Android Phone comes well customized for user friendly experience when you buy your new Android Phone but you would certainly want some extra customization on your new Android Phone.


So here is some of the first thing that you should do with your new Android Phone to make it more Awesome and user friendly.

Things You Should Do With Your New Android Phone:

As soon as you get a hold of your new Android Phone this are the things you should check first.

  1. Take A Good Look At The Box:

This is actually the first thing that you should do when you get hold of your Android Phone that is look into the packet or box in which it came and ensure that all the parts which are to be given be the Android Phone i.e. Charger, Data Cables, Ear Phones etc are there with the Android Hand set itself.

  1. Take A Good Look Over The Body:

Yes this is another thing that you must do after you get hold of your new Android Phone that is take a good look at the body of your Android phone itself and you should ensure that all the hardware on your handset are in proper condition and proper place.

  1. Charge Your Android Phone:

Now you will need to charge your Android Phone and this will ensure that all of your chargers or data cables are working in perfect conditions and you should also ensure that all the other accessories are working in top condition.

  1. Run Your Wi-Fi or Data Connection:

Now you should just on the Wi-Fi connection of your Android Phone and see if everything is working in good condition or you can on your Data connection with your 3G or 4G Network if you can and ensuring that all the Network connections are working.

  1. Change The Default Settings:

Changing your default settings is another important thing that you must do once you get hold of your new Android Phone as you might want to set some of the features like Brightness of the Screen, Sound Settings and Screen Timeout Settings more to your liking and you can also play with the Security Settings of your New Android Phone and set it to your liking.

  1. Sign In To Your Accounts:

Now that you own a Android Phone you should sign in to all your Social media accounts so that you will get all your information’s and notifications right on your Android Phone. And you must Sync your Android Phone with your Google Account so that you will be able to use all the products and services of Google. So that you will be enabled to use Google services like Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Hangout and many more.

  1. Install Some Antivirus:

Now that you have done all you basic settings now you might actually want to protect your New Android Phone from any vulnerability that might take place with your Android Phone. And best way to protect your Android Phone is by installing a Antivirus into your Android Phone and most of the New Antivirus for Android Phone offers many advance features that will ensure an all round protection for your Android Phone.

  1. Install An Android Launcher:

Now you might actually need to install a new Android Launcher because the present Launcher on your Android Phone might not be as user friendly as you would like it to be so you might actually want to install a new Android Launcher to your Android Phone. Google Now Launcher is the best of them all as it has all the user friendly features imputed to it but there are many other Launchers you can choose from. And if you are comfortable with the present Android Launcher on your Android Phone then you can actually stay without going for the other one.

  1. Install Some Messaging Apps:

Now you should install some of the messaging apps into your Android Phone that will be very helpful for you to keep in contact with your Friends and Family. Whatsapp, Line, Facebook Messenger are one of the most famous messaging apps for the Android Phone Users which you can download for free from the Google Play Store.

  1. Install Some Games:

We all know that Android Phones are not complete without those Awesome Games that can be installed on your Android Phone that becomes the most entertaining way to pass your time when your are bored alone. There are many awesome Games that you can install on your Android Phone some of them are Temple Run 2, Hill Climbing Race, Clash of Clans and many more.

Well that are all you will need to do with your new Android Phone and I certainly hope you have done all the necessary tweaks with your new Android Phone.

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  1. Nice Tips Pulkit,

    I think you should also not install apps such as battery saver and speed boosters at beginning since these apps delete the background applications which may lead to unexpected and unfortunate possibilities.


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