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The Importance of Accurate and Secure Employee Work Hour Clocks

Keeping accurate record of employee hours worked is vital as a business owner. The “honor system” of writing in your time doesn’t work so well anymore. Some employees may attempt to embellish their time a little for extra hours. The ideal way to stop this from becoming an issue is to implement tamper-proof employee time clocks to record hours worked accurately.Secure Employee Work Hour Clocks
Impossible to Manipulate
Systems that require a passcode are nearly impossible to manipulate. Employees should not share their passcodes with anyone. These passcodes should be unique and should not relate to common numbers relating to the employee such as street addresses, birthdates or phone numbers. This ensures that no other employee can figure out another’s passcode.
Another option to consider for the most secure and accurate records is a fingerprint recognition system. While this is a costly system, it is impossible to manipulate. Employees all have their fingerprints recorded into the system and it will only allow that employee to clock in and out when the fingerprint matches. This also works well for secured areas.
Better Employee Accountability
Employees should be responsible to follow their scheduled hours and allow ample time to travel to work. With technologically advanced systems in place, it helps employees to show more accountability for their position within the company. As there is no way to say that someone was on time and the time clock is wrong, employees will be more diligent about being on time with a more advanced system.

Accurate Time Records

Accurate time records are important for a business owner. Payroll is one of the biggest “bills” paid by a business owner. It is crucial that these numbers are always accurate. It is important to have employees check their pay stubs to ensure that their hours are correct. Even advanced technology can make mistakes from time-to-time, but these systems help employees maintain a schedule and accurately track their hours.
It is difficult for a business owner to think that employees may not be honest with time records, but it does happen. Older systems can malfunction, causing missed hours or incorrect reports. Mistakes with payroll are a big deal, especially on the employees’ end. Keeping these records as accurate and secure as possible should be the goal of an employer in order to maintain proper financial records and plan labor hours for the upcoming months.

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