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The Samsung Galaxy S III Reviewed – Almost Perfect Except For One

The Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to start making it into consumer’s hands beginning late in May, and for many shoppers this just isn’t soon enough. There is a lot of hype surrounding this new smartphone, and many are itching to get their hands on Samsung’s newest smartphone release.

While loaded with top of the line hardware, cutting edge software, and plenty of the newest, most modern features, the Samsung Galaxy S III isn’t necessarily a win. For all of the impressiveness this Android-powered device offers, there is a very obvious downside that makes this newest smartphone not the right one for you.

Samsung Galaxy S III Reviewed

About the Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III is to be Samsung’s top new device. As Samsung’s flagship phone, it is supposed to represent the best that Samsung has to offer, and stands to be a best seller against other Android devices. It is also is positioned to be a competitor against Apple’s iPhone.

It boasts a very large 4.8” screen that is a half inch bigger than the preceding model. The Galaxy S III features 1280×720 screen resolution that plays in stunning HD with bright, crisp colors. The screen is housed in a nice, light device that is relatively thin, but most of this lightness is due to the cheap feeling plastic that houses the device; despite the stunning screen, many may see this phone and think that it looks poor and maybe even ugly.

Samsung is particularly proud of this device’s camera. The rear facing camera is 8 megapixels with a quick shutter that can let you take up to 20 photos in a single go, and it has a “select best shot” feature that will automatically snap eight photos and will recommend the picture it detects to be the best. Additionally, the device has a feature that allows friend with photos in the contact list to be automatically tagged in photos. The rear camera also lets you take 1080p HD videos while taking photos at the same time. There is also a front facing camera that is only 2 megapixels.

The phone is rich with features. One of these features includes the Siri-like S Voice, making it clear that they intend to compete closely with Apple.

About the hardware

The Samsung Galaxy S III is made for speed; it features a quad-core 1.4Ghz chip that is supposed to use less power than the preceding model’s dual-core version.

The battery is supposed to offer 13 hours of use, so it will have a much longer battery life than the Galaxy S II and many current competitors. Unlike many other smartphones and high-end devices presently on the market, the Galaxy S III features a removable, replaceable battery.

There are different versions of this phone, allowing users to pick the amount of memory (and the price point) that is right for them. Users can choose from the lower priced 16GB model, the 32GB version, or the more pricy 64GB model. Users can also further extend the phone’s capacity by utilizing the microSD slot.


The phone isn’t out yet, but European consumers will start getting their hands on this device starting at the end of May. Other consumers, including shoppers in the United States may need to wait until winter to get theirs.

With all of the great features, the hype is understandable. The features and specs make this device truly impressive. The plastic look, however, makes this device look a bit unattractive and somewhat cheap. For those who are looking for a quality device, this may be just what they are looking for, but if someone is looking for a flashy device that impresses on sight, this may not be for them.

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