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The Secret Behind Effective Software

Back when Microsoft was just starting out it would have been hard to believe just how many pieces of software there would end up being.

While some of these have died because their function was preceded by a more appropriate, emerging technology, or simply because the team’s behind them couldn’t be bothered to continue to push the product further, it’s clear that there are a few key points that keep a piece of software alive.

One of these is navigation and in fact, it’s one of the most important ones.

Why navigation matters?

 The secret behind effective software

Even if a piece of software – such as service desk software – can process user queries with a high degree of accuracy and fast, what’s the point if you fail can’t navigate to the button which starts this process?

Navigation has long been one of the most important usability parts of making a great piece of software, which is why service desk and ITSM programmes must follow suit. These pieces of software are meant to be time savers; they’re meant to help a business become more efficient, highlighting important data as you ask for it.

Navigation relies on flexible software

The presentation of the returned information similarly must be meaningful and the options you have to your disposal to share, print, or save your data must also be easy to access. Therefore, your software must be flexible in its ability to navigate you to the customised reports you need. Perhaps this is only machines over a certain spec, or running a particular version of anti-virus, for example?

Simplicity aids navigation

Creating meaningful navigation around software also relies on not over complicating things. While ITSM service desk management software can automate or process complex calculations pertinent to your query – perhaps producing some kind of connectivity log for example – the language and symbols it uses on the navigation bar should appear simple to the user. In this way, the whole process becomes much more approachable, compared to a jargon-filled navigation bar.

Icons with pictures will help shorten the time it takes for you to get to a certain feature even quicker. Why navigate to print your report through file menu if you are happy with the default print settings? Just press the button. Well-thought-out software will also think of the most commonly used functions such as this and employ the same tactics.

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