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Thinking of Downloading the Hoverwatch Mobile app? Here’s Everything you should know

It’s every parent’s nightmare when they pick their children’s computers or other devices and stumble upon disturbing content. It could be pornography, it could be violent content, radicalization content, or even bullying videos. To make it more worrisome, kids are becoming smarter at hiding their online activities, including by deleting browsing history almost as soon as they are done browsing.  With Hoverwatch mobile app, all the above scenarios will become a thing of the past.

Hoverwatch mobile app is designed to offer unbelievable features; the app has a phone location tracker functionality which indicates every location that the phone you’re tracking is. Better still, if someone changed the SIM card, you will be notified of the new SIM change immediately.  This way you will instantly know whether your child is in trouble, or has changed the SIM themselves. This is to say that as long as your child has his/her phone with him, you are assured of their safety.

The mobile app is also fitted with inbuilt front camera functionality so that whenever the phone is unlocked, it takes an automatic photo and stores it without notifying the user. With this, you can always keep track of your children’s friends and know who they hang out with. Your child will never get in trouble once you have installed the Hoverwatch mobile app.

Kids are now very tech savvy. You’d be surprised at just what they come across when online; yet, the internet is alive with predators and pests ready to lure your kids into debauched interactions. Hoverwatch has got you covered under such eventualities, thanks to its spying capabilities.

It allows you to view every single site that your child visited by scrolling through the saved history log. Moreover you can get the individuals who direct them to the sites they visit with the incoming and outgoing calls and texts saving capabilities. Even if they delete recent activity, as long as it was sent or delivered to their phone, you have it. The details included in the saved items include:

  • Text message or call details
  • Phone number of the sender or receiver
  • Name (as it was saved on the phone at the time of delivery )
  • Exact time of the communication
  • Audio files of the recorded calls

You can now easily get contacts of the people that interact with your kids without even asking from them (obviously they won’t volunteer information that easily). In turn, you maintain a good relationship with your children leading to a more peaceful and happy family. With Hoverwatch mobile app, you get to enjoy what most people only envy with their children – a nice, peaceful and happy relationship with their kids.

The social media is the ‘it’ thing in this day and age. As long as you have a mobile phone, you can access any social site that you want. At times, this can be risky because it exposes children to both the good and the bad sides of the social media. However, once you download and install the Hoverwatch mobile tracking app, you’ll be able to mould your kids remotely, without making them feel intruded upon. You can also use the app productively to monitor employees. The app records and saves all the communication done over these sites including:

  • Facebook chats (both incoming and outgoing)
  • Whatsapp chats – including group chats
  • Images – all sent and received
  • Videos
  • Audio

Your kids can no longer be compromised since you’re always watching over them. One day, they will thank you for what you did for them and you will feel proud of yourself for making the decision of installing the Hoverwatch mobile app.

This app has a very user friendly interface.  Any person who can operate a mobile device can easily use the Hoverwatch mobile app. You can easily install it in your device and use the free trial version to see the results for yourself. If you like it (which you will), you can then get the one for personal use at $19.95 per month, $45.95 for three months or $99.95 for the whole year. What if you have more than one child? You are probably asking yourself that question. Well, the app supports up to five users at a go. It means you can monitor several employees or kids at a go.


The Hoverwatch mobile app is an easy to use phone tracking app and spy app that gives you accurate, real time information from any mobile device. What’s more, you can get this information without the knowledge of the mobile user. All you need to do is activate the stealth functionality and you are good to go. No more worrying about the safety and well being of your children.  Set them free to explore the world while tracking their every move at the comfort of your home. You don’t need their device to get information; the user panel offers flexibility of using any other internet enabled device to track the devices in play.


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