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Some Tips to Grow Your Email List in a better way

Remember the early 2000s when people happily handed out their email addresses? Yeah, that doesn’t happen anymore. Fast forward to 2016 and you’ll find that people only hand it out nowadays if it’s an absolute necessity. Who can blame them though? There is just so much spam going around these days due to sketchy autoresponder tools that would make us think twice if our email accounts are safe.

Tips to grow email list
This makes it hard for legitimate businesses to reach out. Well, not to worry because we are going to let loose some excellent tips to help you grow your email list. The truth is that the spam rate has fallen and is now less than 50%. Well, it is still very high – 1 out of 2 emails is spam – it’s a good sign.
Sign-Up Popups
Use sign-up popups on each page of your website. It gives your readers 50% content and asks them to sign-up to read the rest. If your website is subscription-free, then in that scenario, it is very important that an easy redirect link is available to readers on every page.
Showcase the Privacy Policy
You have a detailed privacy policy, right? Why aren’t you showcasing it? Include the privacy policy on your sign-up pages but don’t make it too long. Let people know you are NOT going to misuse their email and use this opportunity to build trust. Also, give them the chance to provide you with an email.
Add Sign-Up Options On Your Social Media Accounts
These days social media platforms have become more and more business friendly. You can add a signup tab on your social media account and expect a great amount of signups if you’re active on your page. Here is a guide to further help you achieve this.
Interactive Landing Page
A landing page is where visitors generally land on or arrive to know about your product/service. Making it interactive can help you grow your email list significantly. Attractions can include downloadable content, in the form of a video or a trial app. Either way, if users see a vibrant page and an incentive to submit the email in the form of free content, they are bound to submit their email address.
Market Your Site And Social Media Accounts
We’ve established how your website and social media accounts can assist you in growing your email list. If you want it to keep growing you need to drive traffic inwards. Through ‘White Hat SEO Techniques’ you can reach out. If your site is already incorporating the techniques mentioned above, your email list will grow exponentially. You can also hire a Chicago SEO company to improve your website’s SEO.
Get Email Addresses Physically
You must be wondering, isn’t doing things physically an ancient art? You’ll be surprised how many companies are applying this tactic. You can use events and workshops to ask people to submit their email addresses on a physical piece of paper. The idea is to make a big fat list and hit the market from both electronic and physical channels.

Apart from these tips there are several tools that can help you grow your email list. Make sure you don’t spam or abuse the list; the internet is a sea and it belongs to everyone. Contaminating it through spam will only make it difficult for everyone, including you, to earn and grow.

P.S: Make sure to have a form to collect information. The form should not, however, ask for personal details.


  1. Awesome guide. Downloaded the checklist and can’t wait to dig in. For social media, twitter lead gen cards are a great way to build your list. I think people don’t take advantage of it because they think you’ve got to pay for it, but you don’t. And if you’ve got an integration directly with your email service provider, it’s a double bonus. And if you don’t, it’s still pretty easy to upload the email addresses.

  2. Signup pop ups should not be given on each page of your website because doing so will irritate readers. However we should give sign up popups only on webpages that have more visitors. This can be more helpful.

  3. To me, Sign up pops is distracting. The best way to drive email list is to give visitors an irresistible offer which they can access after submitting their emaill address.

    I built my list to 12897 in 3 months using this strategy.


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