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Some Great Tips to keep your Kids Online

Social media connections are common among children and their online activities have become very frequent to interact with others. There are many online activities, which might turn dangerous for your children. Social media experts say that there are many predators having actual motive to ruin your child’s life and online safety should be the first thing to look for keeping your children secured.


Parents need to control the activities of their children by knowing about them. There are several tips to follow to keep a check on your children online:

  • Online identity of Kids

Parents should be aware of the online identity of their kids. They might have a visible account for you to show off their presence, but there are many children running multiple accounts for their fake existence. The posts on social networks should be sophisticated and there should be no way for anyone in the long run to misuse it.

  • EXIF Data

EXIF data reveals the real location where any picture was taken. Predators obtain information about prospective concerns with EXIF data and you need to make sure that your child doesn’t disclose any information, which should not be given to any unknown person.

  • Parent profiles

Parents are the best figures for kids and they try to follow their way to get appropriate moves. Suspected predators focus on the children with careless parents or the ones for whom they have appropriate information. If parents are acting smart with installation of mobile spy software on their kids’ mobile phones, they can be saved from getting into wrong hands.

  • Cyberbullying cases

Parents should let their children know about the first step to take in the case of cyber bullying. You can preserve the evidence before taking any step towards any person. You can avoid cyber bullying cases only if you are aware that you child is into any such situation. Children should be open enough in front of their parents and inform in case of any such issue.

  • Identification of Online Deception

Children should be taught to tell their parents about any online deception or personal information issues. It can be done only if you know about the real track of your kids. The Smartphones can be monitored with the help of mSpy and parents can know whether the child is moving towards a right way or not.

  • Fake Profiles

Fake profiles are very common among children and most of the kids make it for the purpose of defining a different identity. Social media existence with some other name and identity can be dangerous for your kids in the long run. You can know about it if you install mSpy on their mobile. If they access anything with their mobile for any social website, it can be well tracked and you can take further steps for the same.

  • PUPIL concept for kids safety

Teach your children not to share these things with anyone:

Personal Information

Unique usernames and pictures

Pass codes



Apart from giving general security information to your kids, it is necessary to keep a check on them on the regular basis. mSpy works in the best way for all the mobile devices.

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