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Top 10 Free Windows 8.1 Themes

The very first question comes in our mind is to set a theme after purchasing a laptop or a computer for personal use. Some love to project their family picture whereas some stick with amazing windows themes. Here you will get information about top 10 free windows 8.1 themes. The alluring themes are chosen and uploaded according to different taste and mind set of people.

There is a list of themes that are based on natures generally:-

Landscape theme of Alaska


The Alaskan theme is specially designed for those who actually love watching nature and get inspired by its beauty. The beautiful snowy mountains and sun effects texture gives soothing effects and that is why it has been rated on top 10 themes in market. To download the eye catchy theme you must search for respective website and go directly to the link. They are available online for free.

Panoramic beach theme


We all spend maximum time on desktop now and that is why good theme really matters. It is good for mind and work habits. A person can work for more hours if a beach picture with beautiful sun rays of sunrise coming out of it appears on 15 inch screen. Every time you open a browser or a page you will get stuck on desktop to sit and relax for a while with a mug of coffee. If you always love windy scene of beaches where no human being footprints are found except god’s gifted beauty then you must download this theme as soon as possible.

Theme of Canada


How can anybody leave Canada nature landscape while designing themes for windows 8.1? Currently it is one of the best and top most leading theme on charts which have gained several downloads till now. The brown mountains covered with patches of snow on different parts while lake running down projects rusty and adventurous feel. This is going to add broad and vast look on your desktop and icons will be visible easily.


Classic theme of America


It has a touch of modern as well as technical look that you may find some illusion in the picture. The main desktop logo will be America after downloading this theme. This is running successfully in America and majority of teenagers in USA like it, in fact simply love it. Turn your desktop classic plus natural with the help of America theme.


Theme of Hawaii

Hawaiian island and mountains are heart throbbing. The weather out there is superb and everyone desire to go on top of its peak once in life time. So here you are, download the theme from its online source for free and bring Hawaii wind on your desktop. The perfect combination of sun rays, clouds and greenery mixture is available in this theme. Connect yourself and feel the bliss of the weather by watching Hawaii theme.

Theme of one tree
One Tree Hill

Like various other themes based on nature. This one is also very attractive in terms of weather. The cool sky surrounded with light black clouds and one three standing all alone to breath in the green land is going to modify the look of your screen. Your friends will surely admire it but before that you are simply going to fall in love with one tree windows 8.1 themes.


Theme of puppy

Oh! You love dogs and have one at home, then it’s time to have one more on desktop. Yes you can get a white puppy theme that is running on a green land with a strap in its neck pretending to come upon you in a playful mood. Get energized after watching it after every now and then. The clear green grass with small white flowers is like complimentary for the desktop. The jumping paw of a puppy is a joy to see.



Theme of queen town

In this theme you are going to love natural mountain look with calm New Zealand sceneries. You cannot deny that it is soothing for eyes and better than urban themes. However, directly go to the windows theme website where different free theme are given for every version and decorate the desktop with charming and attractive themes.


Theme sailing

No matter how much tired you are sailing theme is going to take away your heart completely. Those who possess strong aesthetic senses should definitely acquire this theme. You can hear the electrifying noise of sea shore in the theme, watch running water and praise the gods created natures beauty every time.


United States theme

Have a habit of watching sun rise but work load keeps you away, then you must download this theme because it consist of flowers, sun rise, natural clear sky and fascinating cactus of green and white color. The close 3d graphics are fabulous in looks. One must opt for this theme to bring nature close every morning at work.

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