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Top 10 Online Tools To Be More Productive You Need To Know

There are some people, whose routine job is connected with a large amount of information. That is why an ordinary employee cannot carry out all tasks on his own without any additional help. In most cases, they refer to special essay writing services such as –, which can create law school admission essay, for example. However, the specifics of some tasks can vary, that’s why do not forget that we live in the world of the big technologies. Many programmers developed various software and online tools, which will be useful for all project managers, students and other people, whose professional duties require strong concentration. Therefore, we prepared for you the list of online tools, which will simplify your life and help to manage your ordinary work as much convenient and productive as possible. So, are you ready? Let us start!

Top 10 Online Tools To Be More Productive You Need To Know
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Top 10 Online Tools To Be More Productive

CRM Services

First, if you want to manage your time properly, you should use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) services. This online tool helps to improve your cooperation with customers. Usually, when you buy services from such companies, you get possibilities to analyze all information about the appropriate market, to be in touch with your clients, colleagues and customers. It helps to avoid missing important calls and to remember all essential info about customers. Moreover, you have an opportunity to track all history of your cooperation with customers, evaluate the sales and income. In addition to all abovementioned benefits of such services, you can also analyze the effectiveness of the work of all your employees. These services are really profitable and useful for most project managers.

Fantastical 2

Second, this online tool really justifies its name, because it is a fantastical calendar and reminder for all editors, project managers and other businesspersons. All Apple production (iPhone, iPad and Mac) maintains this application. Developers prepared for you a wonderful design and different cool features such as maps, calendar sets, iCloud reminders, two types of themes and so on. You can use software to track your daily regime and to plan all important meetings. Believe me! Just buy and download this tool and your life will be easier. Try to figure out information about Float or Hours. These programs are also useful.

Editing services

Third, sometimes managers have to write a lot of different texts and other content for their projects, but most businesspersons just do not have time to do that. That is why they usually use services, which help them to avoid this unpleasant work. Just visit an ordinary essay writing company and try to check this service. In addition, the price is affordable, your privacy will be in safe and, of course, they provide instant support 24/7. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Mind Meister

It is an online resource, which helps to optimize your work. To avoid confusion during your brainstorm, you should use Mind Meister, which creates a mind map, visualizes different conceptions and the connections between them.

Google Drive

I think that this tool is well known among project managers, but some employees still do not use it and I don’t understand that. This service helps you to write text, to share all information with your colleagues and conduct a collaborative editing in real time. Moreover, this service is free of charge. Enjoy!


Dart is an email application for Mac. Using this app, you can easily and more quickly send letters. It is really convenient and saves precious time.


If you want to optimize your work time, you should use this service. It helps you to analyze information about tasks on which you spend more time. This software also tracks sites, which you use, remind you about work and send a weekly report about your activity. Using this app, you will understand, which habits you have to develop and which sites you should avoid if you want to be more productive.

[email protected]

If you conduct most of your time in the office, you can feel uncomfortable, because of the high level of noise. It causes irritation and decreasing of work productivity. How can you avoid this problem? Without any problems! You should use the services of this company, which provide scientifically optimized music for work. Many leading neuroscientists created music, which facilitates you to increase productivity. The price is not so high and the result is incredible. Don’t forget to discover more about this app.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

This service helps to create a new idea for your text or article.  It is really useful and easy to use. All project managers must have this tool.


This is the plugin for Gmail. It gives you information about when and who opened your email. It was created free of charge and you can use it without additional costs. However, using a free plan, you will have really poor opportunities and we recommend you to buy full access.

Therefore, there are a lot of other various sites, resources and services on the Internet, which help to optimize your time, increase productivity and avoid distractions. All you have to do, just google them and choose the best application. Use our list and you will gain success. We promise. Good luck!

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