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Top 10 websites to purchase clothes

Garments are the best friend of the person. Everybody senses the need of garments in terms of looking good, announcing your name in the society and setting the reputation among friends. The times are gone when people used to visit shops in order to buy clothes. These days, people prefer purchasing the garments online by making order from home. After the order is made, the product is delivered to the customer. Some websites govern the policy of “payment on delivery”. Using this mode, the person can order the clothes and in case the garment does not fit, he may return it back to the vendor and if he likes it, he can pay at the spot.


The online garment purchase has enhanced the customer business relationship. Some of the top 10 websites where the person can buy clothes are:


Mango has emerged out to be the best garment brand in the market. The incredibility of this brand can be adjudged by the fact that it invites 1000 unique customers every day. It is widely known for its customer service quality and timely delivery. It is one of the best websites to order clothes online and stays at the top of apparel companies.


The best thing about Zara is the range of clothes available with this brand, especially for women. They are affordable and appeal to people of all age groups. It has various stores all around the world and its website is known for its great customer service and timely response.


This website is known for selling high quality sports attire. It has been designing sportswear for many soccer clubs and in casual wear; this website is the best choice for the user.


This website has gained popularity in the last few months. The great marketing campaigns coupled with the incredible customer service have added to the beauty of this website. is one of the best website for clothes in the country.


This website contains many brands in it from which the user can choose one. is growing exponentially and it has become one of the country’s leading web portals for the purchase of clothes.

 6. is another website that is making a roar in the market at present. The range of clothes available in this website is not present anywhere in the world market. It features some of the best shirts, trousers and travel wear. This brand is for women and it has been endorsed by a popular model from Australia. is also known for the customer satisfaction it stands for.


Hailing from London, this brand is known for its low budget denims and high quality shirts. The affordable price of the clothes makes it one of the most preferred website that people use to purchase their clothes.


French Connection is one of the most popular brands in Europe and other countries of Asia as well. Its website contains a variety of jeans and shirts for both men and women. The dresses featured in the website are its USP and are purchased by many of the customers.  


This brand has become quite popular in the recent times because of its rugged look and incredible promotions. It is the most preferred brand among men and the range of clothes available on this website make it one of the best websites for cloth purchase.


Being slightly on the expensive side, this brand is quite popular all around the world and considered to be the premium. Its website features a variety of clothes and accessories to choose from. It stays on the top of the websites for purchasing clothes.

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