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Top 3 Android Games for Kids 2015

The applications in Smartphone and the android games today keep the kids as well as the elders pretty well entertained. Today kids are more enamored with games and applications. Avoiding the digital age isn’t possible for us anymore. It also helps the kids to gain knowledge through a very fun and interesting ways. Google play store has various android games for the kids as well the elders. But choosing the best games out of the games offered by the Google play store seems difficult sometimes. But here are a few recommendations for the kids to try. These keep the android devices safe from any malware and are quite user friendly for the kids.
Famingo Sandboxfamigo_sandbox

Famingo recommends the best educational applications and games for kids. It has an android application wherein the access can be limited to the user’s phone which shows only the kid friendly applications and games. It also is handy for the naughty kids who have a habit to log out of the games and create havoc on the Smartphone. It will just take a minute to set the security code and then the kids can easily make use of this wonderful application. It is free of cost. One can download the application from Google Play Store


Crossy Road Game Online


It is simple and free of cost. The main aim of the game is to be able to move as far as possible by crossing the train tracks, grass and river without losing a life. The player can tap on the screen in any direction they want the mascot to move. They just have to swipe. As the player keeps moving the new levels are unlocked. With each new level a new set of hurdles are unfolded for the player. If the player isn’t quick enough to cross the hurdle on time, the eagle might grab your mascot away. A square unit of run will earn the player a point. One can play the game on .There are various other games also available here other than crossy road.

Fruit Ninja


It is a fast paced game with simple user interface. It is an engaging slashing game that helps the restless kids to pass their free time. Though it’s an action packed game but it guarantees no violence other than mercilessly slashing various fruits and vegetables. One can easily download the game and play. So use its high end features one needs to buy the paid version of this game for $1.22. Both the versions can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Android has the best variety of games and applications for every age group especially for the kids. Most of them are free of cost and thus can be downloaded easily. If one isn’t very sure how these would work, then they themselves can try these games once and then allow the kids to play along. Playing along the kids can never be more fun.


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