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Top 5 Business Apps for Android Smartphones

The android phones have now come up with business friendly applications for users. Businessmen can now easily monitor mails, purchase a commodity online, keep a check on the share prices, pay their bills all at one click, which makes their business life more cushy and comfortable. Businessmen can easily choose the desired apps from a wide range of business apps available on androids and hence make their business smooth and pristine. These apps keep a track of the deadlines and all important business related updates, so businessmen can monitor the business from home too. Android offers a vast range of business apps, of which we have listed our top 5, which goes like:

 1.    Documents to go


In these times, a lot of documents inflow and outflow from business entities, so this app plays an important role in providing the ability to open office documents. With this app, users can view PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, spreadsheets, etc. The full version of this app allows the user to edit, create Word documents, presentations and also it enables the user to fruitfully view the pdf file. In all, this app is a must have for all business users to be able to exchange important data.

2.    Siri Virtual: Personal Assistant


Second on the list, this app focuses its work area in being a personal assistant for the business user and manages its files, keeps a track of the deadlines, monitors the targets, arranges the memo, manages the appointments and meetings. It has reminders which perform their required duties. As the name suggests, this app is no less than a personal assistant for a business user keeping a record of do’s in their daily routine.

3.    Cisco WebEx: Virtual meeting


For the business users travelling a lot due to business purposes, this app seems to be very promising. On a travel, when there’s a difficult Wi-Fi access and a chance for an access to laptop is sublime, this app comes to play. It arranges video conferences between two business users anywhere on the go. Its’ like a virtual meeting which is quite meaningful when the user is bound to travel a lot.

4.    Dragon dictation: speech recognition (Update: No longer in Google Play)


The days of writing long emails on phone has disappeared in the dim light now. There are software’s and apps recognizing the speech and typing words on the phone accordingly, one of such app is the “Dragon dictation”. Its’ very useful when it comes to writing long business mails and its proved to be 6 times faster than writing on a keypad. It’s a revolution in the digital world making it a must app for business users.


5.    Expensify


5th on the list, this app is quite useful for the business operations like finance. This app synchronizes with the credit cards, monitors the transaction and moreover it generates a pdf file which can be thus forwarded to the finance department. For monetary and finance issues, this app doesn’t have an alternative.

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  1. Here. All apps are great but i like Documents to go app because it is very useful for me, And i love to have this app to android phone.


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