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Top 5 must-know Android Settings

Android is an Operating system that has become the no 1 favorite of mobile phone users around the world due to its fantastic features and marvelous applications. Samsung, IPhone, HTC and many other smartphones today run on this application mainly because of its ease of operation and ability to decipher its working quickly. Android is such popular software that today, PCs and tablets based on it have come up and are being liked by people worldwide.

Some of the main settings of android software which every user must be aware about are-

  • Launcherpro- This attractive feature takes the android phone to a whole new level. It gives a completely new look to the home screen environment which makes it all the more attractive and magnetic for phone users. It serves to make the phone look stylish and can become an apple of everyone’s eye in a very short span of time.
  • Beautiful widgets- This setting serves to provide incredible widget on the home screen which make it easy to use, impossible to miss and affordable to choose. This free app is the mother of all softwares and make user interface possible. Not only this, the use of this app can provide world clock, weather report and other features in updated and beautiful format hence, reiterating its importance and use.
  • Amazon MP3- If you wish to have access to music at cheaper rates, this android setting provides amazing deals at never-before rates and takes the experience of music to an all-new level. So much is the popularity of this software, that it has become a must-have for all android phones and makes it possible to achieve fabulous results in a short span of time.
  • Dolphin browser HD-This web browser takes internet browsing to a new level. IT displays web pages in the perfect form, its unique touch system makes web browsing easier and faster and is compatible to all file extensions so that every file from jpg to mp4 to zip could easily open here.
  • Multicon widget- Sometimes, phones are able to display only few icons on the home page due to small size and limited space but in case, if the person needs to put a number of important icons on the main screen, then this app comes in quite handy since it provides 4 icons on the space that is normally occupied by just 1. Hence, they promote multi-tasking and lend supreme comfort to all small or big smartphone users.

These are the most important and must have android settings which are the basics of every phone and improve their features so that they become more handy and useable. They add incredible value to the phones and make them more attractive. Also, some of these apps are in built on phones while others can be downloaded for free from the official webpage of android. So, hurry up today and install all these settings in your android OS and become the talk of the crowd due to your phone.

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Kuldeep Khatri is a tech Savvy guy from India who is a blogger by Interest, freelance writer byPassion, Internet User by Addiction & Student by force. He blogs about technology at TechiePlaza where he reviews effective Apps like Shazam for PC and recently wrote about WhatsApp for PC.

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