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Top 5 Ridesharing and CarPooling App Taxi Services

Back this month, it was announced that a Universal taxi app is coming to Chicago city. May be the governments have started to realize the importance and benefits of having an app based chicago taxi service in the city. Calling to get a cab is quite mainstream, and most of the times, these App based services prove to be a lot cheaper than ordinary cabs. Also, a universal taxi app opens the doors to an even cheaper and ecologically safe taxi service. When people will be able to commute in taxis that they can see on their smartphones moving around in the city. It will allow them to consider ridesharing i.e car pooling.

Top 5 Ridesharing and CarPooling App Taxi Services

Before a universal taxi app is launched in your city, here are 5 taxi services that may be active around you. You can utilize them for fairly cheap and easy catch cabs. Since, these cabs have ridesharing features, you may make some new friends and save some more on your commute.


Since they have hard filtering tests for the best drivers like criminal background checks and police verifications. You can only expect a great experience with your taxi when you use the Lyft app.

Next time, try the Lyft App for an upgraded taxi experience and ride sharing feature.

Carma Carpooling

Share a ride, pay for the miles that you rode. You can track the miles that you covered in the taxi, a meter is there for you. Probably, the most popular and loved car pooling used.


This app will tell you, how much your ride would cost, even before you make a move. Not just that it allows you to calculate your budget with ease, but it comes packed with a whole lot of additional features. The option to choose your preferred vehicle and filter taxis based on vehicle quality and rankings, it just takes app based taxi service to a whole new level. And you can even select your own driver, yes, the app allows you to even select your driver of choice. Probably the most customizable taxi service available on the planet. It proves beneficial for people, and especially women, travelling late at night.


You just got to tell where you wanna go and from where to pick you up. The app is designed to match commuters with cabs heading to the same location and paires multiple travelers in same ride. Good for people who like to meet new people everyday.


Probably the most popular App based taxi service in the entire world. It paires you up with a driver that accepts your cab call i.e. accept your request for a taxi. You’ll be notified when the taxi reaches your location and you have the option of calling the driver at any time for an even personalized experience. The payment is made by a CreditCard so please, no cash is envolved. Enjoy the ride.



There are plenty of taxi services out there in competition with the new innovative universal taxi techniques. So, lets see what mainstream cab services do about that, it’ll be in our favor, that is for sure.

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