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Top 5 softwares to create an overlay video

Overlays have several applications in movie editing. They are mainly used to create watermarks and signatures, decorative sounds as well as to display information for sporting events. Graphic overlays are very important to a movie because they enhance other video techniques as well as add interest to slide shows. Below are the top 5 software that can help you to create an overlay video.

  1. Aimersoft video editor

Aimersoft video editor is a program that allows users to create overlay videos as well as create movies from any video, audio as well as image files. This software is a simple editing tool that is very good for beginners. It has the capability of applying eye-catching effects to your videos and enables users to record their own narrations as well other voice over to accompany the video. Aimersoft video editor detects scene changes in your video; this enables you to split the footage of your video to clips.

  1. VideoSpin

This program is a nicely designed video editing both that is good for both professional and beginners. VideoSpin creates audio overlays, makes photo slide show, 2D transitions, deleting unnecessary scenes, video effects, uploading videos to yahoo videos or YouTube. This software supports the most popular file formats and the best thing about it is that it is easy working with timeline. However, for you to install this software registration is required, VdeoSpin is very effective and is very easy to ease, a person that is using this software for the first is not going to struggle because it is not complicated.

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  1. Avidemux

This software is powerful and is another GPL based video editor that helps users to create overlay videos, apply visual effects as well as transcode videos to videos that have other formats, cut videos, and insert or extract audio streams. The program has in built subtitle processing option, which is available for Linux operating system as well as Mac. Avidemux is fairly simple and lightweight; it has a command line interface that is used by the advanced users. This software has a large selection of filters, but is complicated for those that are using it for the first time. Although after beginners have used it for some time, they get used to it.

  1. Virtual Dub

This program is an open-source software, the best thing about it is that it is regularly updated by its creators. Virtual Dub is software that has a bit utilitarian interface, which for beginners may seem uneasy to master. Despite this, this software is very great when it comes to creating overlay videos and doing difficult video editing operations. These operations include, delete, reordering video parts, cropping sidebars, converting a video to grayscale, reducing the size of your video and rotating your video among others. Virtual Dub has video capturing options, and is possible to extend it with third party video filters. The program has batch processing capabilities that are very useful when processing a large number of files.

  1. Wax

This software is a free editing tool, the main function of Wax is to add special effects to videos and create overlay video. The program is powerful and has the ability to add video scenes, delete, remove black bars, rotate videos, upscale as well as work with 3D effects. Wax works very well with 3D files and is rich in video effects; it also has the ability to output to several formats. However the software has outdated interface, despite this disadvantage it is very effective when it comes to creating overlay videos. If you have never used it before try out and you are definitely going to love the results.


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