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Top 8 Ways To Build One-way Authoritative Links

Most online marketers spend most of their time concentrating on two thing- traffic and search engine rankings. These two are the two sides of a coin, that is, they affect each other directly such that as your traffic increases, so will your ranking. Increasing either your rankings or your traffic is not an easy task. There is one sure- shot way to achieve both these goals. This simple method is via the establishment of one-way links to authoritative websites from your website. This process will require commitment of good quality time and money from your side. But to speed up the process, it can be done if you know the authoritative websites that will allow you to create one-way links. A few of them are given here:

1. Press releases:

Press releases today have taken over the once role of article marketing by serving to provide excellent one-way link to your website. You can either make use of a free press release or use a paid press release to spread your message. PRweb is one of the successful ones. Although it is a little expensive, it is well worth the cost. A good quality press release is likely to be popularized by other blogs and websites, providing more back links and hence enhancing both your traffic and your rankings.

Top 8 Ways To Build One-way Authoritative Links

2. Powerful links such as .edu and .gov links:

.edu and .gov links are viewed by customers as prestigious and non-commercial in origin. This is why they provide excellently powerful and effective back links to your website. Building such back links might be hard but is extremely effective in increasing your traffic. Hence, if you must, go out of your way to get such links. Try to get links of alumni pages or newsletters of colleges that you have studied in and post them on your website.

3. Sites of the Wikipedia type:

Websites like Google Knol (unfortunately discontinued recently) and Wikipedia are very good sources for back-links. These sites can provide you important links in their content as well as in the resources section of the articles. As the articles are related to a given theme, these links will carry an entirely different weightage in your rankings in search engine results.

4. How- to websites:

The updates made by Google and other search engines in their basic algorithm have had an adverse impact on these kinds of websites. A few have made it through however. These are really good places for quality links. You could include a guide with how-to in your niche and post these one-way links in order to greatly increase your rankings in search engine results. A few of these sites are Squidoo and eHow.

5. Follow up in social networking sites and their profiles:

The latest trend in the net is social networking. Some of the best sites to build quality one- way links are social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and MySpace. You could build up followers and increase subscribers. All these sites will allow you easy access to building authoritative one-way links.

6. Testimonials and Memberships:

It is necessary to be pro-active if you wish to build good links. If you belong to any kinds of memberships, you must be ready to go out of the way to get links from them. You can give testimonials to a particular site or product in order to get back links too. These testimonials are always displayed in the main pages of a website.

7. Embedding videos, software and slideshows:

Many successful websites embed videos, software, awards and slideshows in order to get great back links to their own websites. You could follow the example of and many others. You could try out something along the same lines or use such programs to share content, building your own links meanwhile.

8. Commenting on sites and blogs:

Commenting on sites and blogs is one of the most effective ways to get back links. A lot of websites create alerts on Google for certain keywords. When links related to those keywords are opened, they receive an email. They later keep track of these links to see which ones would be best for back links through comments.


  1. These are good advices but unfortunately one was over-used and now they are taking measures against it – Wikipedia. They are 90% of the external links that are being placed now, due to spam…

  2. Keyword research is a must do process for every bloggers who are hoping to get top results in SERPs. Iam new to blogging and wanted to rank high in some keywords. Your articles on link builup and SEO are excellent. Can u tell me some ways to build quality links for my blog. <I've subscribed to your comments. Plz share ur view

  3. Wow! very step by step work procedure. And very clear to understand. But I think press release is not valuable right now in 2018 on that occasion i think guest posting is very cool for work. I think google knol is not working right now. Social network is very important component for advertising or do business with it.

    I like most here no 8 commenting section , actually a good comment can increase engagement with lots of people. Images over here is fantastic which is really helpful to understand this post , this is a1 post you shared with us. Thanks a lot.


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