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Top Five Computer Hardware Certs in 2014

Becoming a computer technician is merely a big point of entry if you want to get into the world of IT. Computer hardware certifications will surely help into demonstrating your knowledge as well as competency in maintaining computers, printers, mobile devices and many more.

In the year 2014, there could be some changes that might happen. If so, here’s the top computer hardware certificates in 2014 for you:

  1.  CompTIA A+- this kind of certification is one of the best known of the entire hardware credentials. For anyone who is seriously working with personal computers, the A+ should be one on their priority list. The A+ also become an item on the checkbox for the PC technicians and supports other professionals. It is also being mentioned on a whole lot of job postings or even advertisements for certain positions.
  2. ACMT (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician)-provided the extreme popularity of the Apple products and the platforms, together with the increasing penetration of Macintosh computers into homes as well as business of all scales, there is merely an increasing demand for technicians who are Mac-savvy.  The ACMT offers a big gateway into different certifications related to the Apple hardware. Apple is using such curriculum internally in order to train its in-house support technicians as well as Apple Store employees, and its authorized service as well as repair partners. The ACMT curriculum also verify the ability of the candidates in terms of conducting basic troubleshooting as well as repair on different Apple platforms. It also includes the portable and desktop systems like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac.
  3. CompTIA Server+ this kind of certification is offering computer server-related certification that steps up from the basic hardware of a PC, its software and even networking topics to the more demanding, powerful as well as expensive capabilities in the similar vein that is associated with server systems usually. This credential simply goes beyond the basic topics to include the coverage of more advanced systems for storage, IT environments as well as disaster recovery and topics about business continuity. This one also puts up strong emphasis on the best practices as well as procedure for the server problem diagnosis as well as troubleshooting. Though the Server+ is vendor-neutral in coverage, organizations including IBM, Xerox, HP, and even Lenovo require CompTIAcertification exams for their own server technicians.
  4. CWTS (Certified Wireless Technology Specialist) -it is the entry-level credential for the program of Certified Wireless Networking Professional. It mainly includes administrator as well as expert level credentials and specialist certificates in the areas of analysis, security as well as wireless networking design.
  5. BICSI ITS Technician- it is a professional association supporting the industry of ITS or the Information Technology Systems such as the areas of voice, data, video and audio, security and electronic safety as well as project management. BICSI also offers certification, training as well as education to its thousands of members, many of which are installers, designers as well as technicians.


If you would like to be successful in the world of IT and get a good paying job, it would be best for you to consider getting those top 5 computer hardware certificates in 2014.

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