Top Five Security Apps Controlled by Your Smartphone

The invention of smartphones have changed the way in which the world works. In one small package, smartphone users have the ability to surf the web, deposit their checks, book their vacations, email friends and family, read the news, play a game, and now, keep tabs on the security status of their home.


Here are five home security apps you can download so you can keep your house under lock and key by your phone:


Price: Free

Features: Compatible with your existing home security system.

This downloadable app allows users to monitor their home security system over their phone. Whether remotely or in-home, users can control any part of their security system with the touch of a finger. Depending on how advanced a user’s existing security system is, they can manage their thermostat, energy use, video streaming, home locks, appliances and garage door

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows

2. iScentry

Price: Free

Features: Computer becomes personal surveillance camera

Utilizing a user’s personal computer, iScentry turns home computer camera web cams into a surveillance system. Users should point the camera to the location they want to keep tabs on (whether it’s to ensure their kids are actually doing their homework, see if the cat actually is stealing food from the counter, or for break-in security), and when there is any motion, the app will notify the user’s phone.

Via the app you can snap photos from the video stream, as well as watch a live video feed.

Available on: iPhone and iPad

3. Security Camera

Price: $4.99

Features: Identity protection on home computer

Security Camera helps protect a user’s home computer or phone from identity theft. Additionally, it keeps track of whoever has used their computer, and what sites they visited. Security Camera takes a silent and time-stamped photo of everyone on the computer, and it stores the photo both on the computer, phone and in DropBox.

4. Viper Connect

Price: Free app with purchase of Viper kit

Features: Complete home security from smartphone

This app allows users to protect their home virtually anywhere with their smartphone. For Viper to work, the home starter kit must be purchased. Once installed, the app remotely monitors any security even in the house via a streaming video notification. It can control lighting, thermostat, and garage doors, and the app has a panic button built-in.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android, and Google Play

5. Dropcam

Price: Free app with purchase of Dropcam

Features: Camera links to phone

Once Dropcam camera is purchased, the app can link any iPhone or iPad device to the camera. Once activated, the camera live feed can be sent directly to the phone, or recorded and saved for later. One of the most important features is its two-way sound ability. Users can talk to whoever is in the room, thereby distracting burglars. Lastly, the video stream can be shared with friends and family, so everyone can look out for one another.

Available on: iPhone and iPad

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