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Top SEO Tricks You May Not Know About

SEO has been around for the longest of time. We all know that it’s an ongoing process and that it continues to change every time search engines update their algorithm. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to keep up with these changes. To help you stay on top of the SEO game, we talked to some of the best experts in town. Here are a few tips from SEO experts that we managed to gather.


Optimize for User Engagement

Search engines now take various factors into considerations when ranking websites in search results, and one of the most prominent ones is user engagement. The way your users interact with the content you share on your website plays an important role in determining your SEO performance in general.

This is why you need to start making it very easy for users to comments, have discussions, share your content and stay longer on your site. To do this, there are a few things you can do:

  • Make commenting as easy as it can be. You can use third-party comment systems like Disqus or simply allow comments to be posted in one swift sweep to allow users to interact with the content effectively.
  • Study your heatmap and place engagement-related elements on hot spots. For example, you can place related content in the middle or towards the end of the article to quickly replenish users’ attention.
  • Keep a nice flow and make sure users are treated with good quality content. This can greatly increase your users’ time on site and will influence your search engine rankings accordingly.

User engagement can help bring down your bounce rate, increase your time-on-site readings and help search engines notice your site more. Once you reach a certain level, it is very easy to maintain a high level of user engagement through quality content.

Go Mobile!

I can’t stress this enough: a site that isn’t mobile friendly will not perform well SEO-wise. Google is now tagging mobile-friendly sites and showing them higher than desktop-specific websites; the company is doing so for the right reasons. Over 70% of today’s traffic come from mobile devices, so if your site doesn’t appear or perform well on these mobile devices, you are missing out on a lot of traffic and leads.

You can go either route: you can set up a responsive website, have a fully-customized mobile version of the site or even create a standalone mobile app for your site. Whichever route you choose, make sure you integrate the mobile version of your site into your SEO campaign. For example, you can use Google’s Android app optimization to display content with a link to your app through deep linking or app packs.

The same can be applied to SEM or ad placements. Mobile ads are showing much better results than desktop ads. Be subtle, but be different and stand out from the crown. You will be surprised by how much this will impact your search engine performance in a relatively short amount of time.



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    I just went through article. You shared some of the interesting tips, some of which like the heatmap and commenting. But I think this article has been short of many points you could have shared like page-load speed, easy navigation, user engagement, social integration, etc. Nevertheless, it was good to come through your blog.


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