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How to Track and Records the Activities of PC using Spytector

Most employers have reported one of their major concerns being misuse of the Internet by their employees. Parents are also seeking to keep tabs on their children by checking their Internet activity while at home. Spytector keylogger is unique software that is able to track and monitor all activity on the Internet. It is a powerful remotely-installable spy application that lets you spy remotely on any PC that you own. It is considered as one of the most undetectable keyloggers that can be found in the market today. It has proved to run undetected when scanned with antivirus applications and firewalls such as Norton, McAfee, AVG, Kaspersky and Avast.



The Spytector keylogger tracks and records all activities carried out by PC users in stealth mode. These include chat sessions, keystrokes, visited applications, visited websites, opened windows and many more. These log files are then delivered to you via Email or FTP in stealth mode. You can also opt to retrieve them locally. Protected storage passwords (Outlook and Internet Explorer) and Firefox passwords are also included in the delivered logs. It also has the ability to restrict specified computer activities in total stealth.

General Features

The software is enabled with an easy-to-use, skin-able interface which is multi-language. An option to save your settings is also included.

There is a built-in log viewer utility. You can thus view the logs in a special window included in the application. The different log sections are differently colored so that you can easily see all the computer activities. You can also save the logs as RTF or HTML for later viewing.

You can retrieve all the log files locally.

All the server features of the keylogger are editable from the main software. These include the log names, log sizes, startup key name and server name.

Recording Features

Spytector is able to record virtually everything a person does on their PC. This includes keystrokes, chat sessions, boot events, screenshots and clipboard spying.

Security Features

  • This spying tool is totally undetectable and invisible.
  • It makes use of advanced techniques to bypass local firewalls.
  • The log files are locally encrypted. It also provides for optional encryption in the case of delivered logs. The keylogger’s server settings are also encrypted.
  • Log files are delivered in stealth mode, using the default email provider or browser.
  • With this software, one can disable the System-Restore feature, as well as restrict the user’s access to specified websites and applications.
  • The keylogger server is protected against uninstallation.

Server Features

  • The keylogger can be deployed remotely on the target’s PC.
  • You’ll have the option to include URL history, Protected Storage and Firefox passwords in the log.
  • The logs can be delivered at specified time intervals or once they reach a minimum size.
  • There are additional options such as the melting and warning message features. Others include uninstalling the server after a specified number of logs have been sent, uninstalling it with a specified hotkey and uninstalling it by checking HTTP.

Software Purchase

Spytector offers users with a free trial which deactivates after 3 logs are sent or after a week’s use. At this point, you have the option of purchasing the software or leaving it. Upon purchasing, you can benefit from the support whenever there are free upgrades, new versions and when you experience any issues with the application.


Spytector is one of the great keyloggers currently present. Their website is designed simply and easy to navigate. They offer quality support in terms of response time and solving the user’s issues. It is a worthwhile option for anyone seeking a top-performing keylogger.

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