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Nowadays, travelling is an unavoidable part of our day to day lives. We travel a lot these days while going to work and back to home, to the market and so on. And travelling in India mainly consists of getting stuck in traffic and spending hours in cursing our fate to choose the road we are on.

Well, even though services like Google Maps can help you navigating places better, there is no apparent solution to find out traffic situations in your road ahead, at least there is no such option available in India. But that is just until now. Thanks to the Traffline Android app, a major concern of every road traveler in India is solved.

Unlike other options like Google Maps and so on, what the Traffline app for Android does is not simply navigate you through places, but instead provides real time information on the traffic situation that lies ahead in your journey.

Traffline way

Traffline service supports almost all major cities in India which include Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. And what this app does is simply give you the latest and most updated news on traffic blocks and such issues that may occur in your path. Also, in case a traffic block is found in the way you are travelling, the Traffline app will also intelligently recommend you the next best and the easiest route to opt for, to reach your destination.

Apart from this, the Traffline app for Android also has a lot of user convenient features such as:

  • The app automatically sets the city for you, if you are currently in one of the supported cities. And there is also an option to manually change the city if you want.
  • The app is constantly linked and updated with the city wise Traffline Twitter accounts so as to provide its users with the latest and most recent traffic updates happening in their city.
  • Users can also update information on the traffic situation on their route within the application, so as to help out any other Traffline user travelling through the same road.
  • In case you come across any accidents or similar situations en route, you can make use of he Car emoticons to share your emotions at such situations.
  • Tweets by users regarding traffic updates from supported cities will be retweeted so as to help out the Traffline users in need.
  • The app also helps you in finding the most quickest and the most hassle free route from your current location to your destination.
  • You can share your current location with your friends via Facebook or WhatsApp so as to let them know your present location easily.

Apart from these features, you can access the official Traffline blog at, where the most recent traffic related information are updated regularly. You can also get in touch with the app developers in case you face any issue or want to see some new feature added on.

Moreover, you can also earn using the Traffline app. You get a RS. 10 mobile recharge for every friend you refer via Facebook, Google Plus, WhatsApp or manually by using their referral codes.

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