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Transformative Power of Tablets

Tablets are transforming technology. These Relatively small devices are big sellers worldwide with the original tablet, the iPad, having sold well over 50 million units to date. Having multiplied into many competing versions over the last few years, the tablet computer is changing the way people lead their lives and pushing entertainment experiences in an entirely new direction.


The impact of the iPad and subsequent tablet models has taken many forms. The sizeable tablet screen offers users a platform for watching television and movies in a mobile or stationary capacity. The touch screen functionality and large memory mean that consumers can watch things on the iPad itself, or even better, connect wirelessly to other televisions and stereo systems throughout the home making it a very powerful universal remote.

The tablet itself isn’t expected to completely change the desire to watch things on big screens, but with specialized apps like ABC Player, BBC iPlayer and Comcast Xfinity TV, it has quickly become the preferred second screen in many homes. The ease of use and range of programming available on the iPad, especially without commercial interruptions means that many consumers are happy to sit in bed or on the couch with an iPad in their lap instead of cable on the big screen.

The development of the universal remote functionality is perhaps the most impressive feature of the tablet. Remote control apps offer a range of customization simply not available in a handheld remote. Many apps feature multiple screens and can even respond to gesture based commands. This means that a user can change the channel with the flick of a wrist.

As more and more tablets begin to enter family homes, children are becoming incredibly adept at maneuvering the various interfaces. The touch screen functionality is intuitive for many children who can learn to navigate through games and programs with incredible dexterity.

The result is a generation of children whose motor skills and intuitive response rates are impressively developed at a relatively young age. With a range of apps that offer kids the chance to read, play, learn and move, the tablet can deliver innovative educational elements through world-class entertainment.

Unlike a television, the tablet offers every family member the opportunity to engage in some form or another. This small device can challenge, support and entertain an entire household with ease.

Tablets are shaping the future of home entertainment the same way the personal computer did in the 1980’s. While there are a variety of tablets on the market today to suit a range of budgets and personal tastes, the iPad remains the market leader for its impressive functionality and world-renowned design and craftsmanship.

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  1. Hey Pulkit,
    I loved the part where you talk about the tablets learning advantages, and how they can help kids learn and adapt to the fast evolving technology,
    but apart from that, tablets are pretty much useless.
    you can’t work on a tablet, tablets are way slower than pcs and laptops, you can’t multi-task on a tablet, tablets are fragile, tablets are unstable and are prone to frequent hanging.
    they’re only good for show off, and for kids playing.
    i never needed a tablet and i cannot think of a good reason to buy one!
    do you have a tablet ? what do you use it for ?
    Many thanks and Best wishes!


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