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TV Shows are always fun on the Big Screens

Why watch the latest TV shows on your tiny phone screen or laptop? Airtel TV gives you the big screen experience right at home.

Who would have thought that the humble mobile phone would one day recast itself into a portable bank, TV screen, chat interface and fitness partner?

But for all its utility, there are certain things that a mobile phone screen cannot do as well as you think. Take, for instance, watching TV shows. You can certainly catch episodes from the web on your way to work, but the small screen does not give you the premium viewer experience that your TV screen at home can!


If you are one of those who rushes from one task to another in the course of a day, then you are probably used to catching up on your favourite TV shows on your mobile phone or laptop. Third party streaming platforms like Hotstar and Netflix were created for people like you! It is possible that you watched Game of Thrones, Masterchef Australia and even American Ninja Warrior on your mobile phone, especially if the new seasons were not yet streamed on TV. Or you were forced to do a weekend binge of all the TV show action that you missed in the week.

But wait a minute – if you are intending to catch up on all the TV shows that you missed, why do it on your laptop or mobile phone? Why not watch TV directly on your TV set? After all, the bigger TV screen has its own charm!

The power of Airtel TV – all the action, on your TV

Whether a live cricket match or a TV show episode you missed,  Airtel TV brings you all the action on your TV set. Just get an Airtel TV connection and you’re all set!

Airtel digital TV was the first such experiment in the country. It is a sort of hybrid TV model, with a satellite dish TV having a built-in Google Chromecast to watch content from websites. The content can be streamed from other devices or cast from their screens. You can stream content from Airtel Movies, Netflix, YouTube and even Google Play Music. Besides, it can be used for gaming, and can pause, rewind or record TV programmes.

It has an HD set top box that connects with the dish antenna and an Internet connection (Wi-Fi is preferable).

Here’s how you benefit from getting Airtel TV:

  • Airtel installs the DTH for free
  • A range of affordable plans for 500+ SD and HD channels
  • New DTH connection gets 30 days’ subscription free
  • One remote control for your TV and set top box
  • Record all the TV shows and live matches that you missed, and watch them at your leisure

So why watch TV on a small screen – TV shows were meant to be watched on TV screens, and especially with Airtel digital TV!

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