Understanding Android CPU processors – Things You Need To Know!

Every Android device follows a smart chip system based concept and has several components that include CPU, GPU, multimedia processor, LTE modem, security and signal processors. There are a variety of Android CPU processors that are used while designing the Android devices. Before understanding the Android CPU processors, let us know first about core CPU or central processing unit.

CPU or Processor is the base component of the smart phone or Android device which determines the working speed of the device as well as quick and fast response rate. This that allows you to install the different applications, such as Android Games and Android antivirus security apps and to perform various specific actions.

So, here is all about the different processors and how they are faster than others.

Understanding Android CPU processors

Understanding Android CPU processors
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All Android CPU processors have cores and the existence of more core means more worth buying when you are a heavy user.

For instance, the phone with a dual-core processor is better than single core processor.

Similarly, the quad-core processor is better than dual-core and if your phone is designed with octa-core then, it is considered the best quality of CPU processor.

Similarly, the quad-core processor is better than dual-core and if your phone is designed with octa-core then, it is considered the best quality of CPU processor.

However, more and more cores are being designed in today’s smartphones to meet customer demands and to fulfil the necessary power that an Android Apps and Games needs.

So, let us begin with core processors.

What Is Core Processor?

A Core processor is a processing unit of your Android device that is used for reading the user instructions to perform different actions. It is the “brain” of your smartphone and it handles all the processes in your device.

If you want to perform multi actions quickly at the same time then, you need multi-cores.

Single Core Processor

Let us begin with single core processor.

It is a processor that uses merely one core inside the processor. It consumes less power in comparison of other processors whether it is dual-core or other multi-core processors.

Less power consumption reduces your battery drainage. In the case of dual-core processor or multi-core processor, battery drains quickly.

Single core processor handles checking email, downloading data, or surfing the net but comparatively slow in performance as it cannot handle the large operations and multi operations at the same time.

If you do so, you may find your device unresponsive or with hanging issue.

Dual-core Processor

A dual-core processor is built with two cores to execute the given instructions or operations.

These two cores are fitted in a single circuit to work as a single unit including their own controllers and caches that allow faster working and response time in comparison to a single core processor.

This is capable of handling and executing all the operations much faster. It performs multiple tasks at the same time that the single processor cannot be done but it drains your Android device battery more than a single core does.

Some applications may also show incompatibility on dual-core processors as many developers nowadays do not program the Android app for dual or single-core processors.

Core Processors
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The Quad-Core Or Multi Core CPUs

The quad- core processor contains four number of processors that allows you to do multi tasking with less hanging issues.

More core means more capacity to perform multiple operations in the single time frame. It allows you a smooth and faster video calling and gaming experience.

This processor enables you to run those apps that require a heavy load or lots of resources including gaming apps, movie apps, video editing or other graphics programs, antivirus apps, etc.

In the comparison of dual-core processors, quad-core processor consumes less power and does not raise heating issues.

Octa-Core Processors

Octa-core processor is an updated processor over quad-core. It is much faster since it has twice more power than a quad-core processor.

It works smoothly and handles a load of heavy applications even when you run more than one heavy application at a single time. It is also designed with the capability with no more heating issues and battery drainage.

The quad-core processor works faster than its previous processors but octa-core is designed with more smoothness and faster experience so as you can enjoy various heavy operations simultaneously.


Every processor has its own features but as per today’s usage of Android devices, the single core processor, as well as dual core processor, is not capable of handling all the applications and of course cannot perform the multitasking.

So, if you want a great speed with multi operation capability then, your Android device must have at least quad-core processor for faster and great user experience.

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