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Ungagged SEO Conference 2014 – 4 Experts And Speakers I’m Keeping My Eyes On

November 15 to 17 is the date. The inaugural Ungagged SEO Conference 2014 will be held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and boy I’m excited!

Mind you, it won’t be my first time attending an SEO conference. I spend $10K to $20K annually to attend the best SEO conventions and meet-ups around. But there’s something about the Ungagged SEO conference that really got me giddy like a school girl: Their line-up of speakers!

Some of you may attend Las vegas marketing conference to network and that’s cool. But I attend conventions to learn new strategies and give my current skills an upgrade. And looking at Ungagged’s roster of speakers and experts, I’m almost guaranteed to have a great time. Here are some of the speakers I’m keeping my eye on – and you should too if you’re attending the convention!

Las vegas confrence

Scott Stratten

The president of UNMarketing, Scott is your go-to guy for anything viral and social. For starters, he has over 160,000 followers on Twitter – ready to read his daily rants and participate in the discussions. But that’s not all! Scott has created viral marketing videos for his clients, which have generated over 600 million views around the world!

Named as one of the Top 5 Social Media Influencers in the world by and one of America’s 10 Marketing Gurus by Business Review USA, Scott has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today,,, and other news major outlets.

Jeremy Schoemaker

Lovingly called “Shoemaker” by his friends, family, and followers, Jeremy knows a thing or two about building an online business and making it rain! For starters, Jeremy launched 3 successful online businesses – AuctionAds, FreeSEOReport, and, which he later sold.

In 2010, Fast Company magazine named him as the “Most Influential Person On The Internet.” Since then, he has been featured in major news outlets and media channels like Techcrunch, NY Times, Businesses Week, ABC News, and many more.

But as if he’s not successful enough, Jeremy launched the PAR Program in 2012, which revolutionizes the email marketing. With his PAR Program used by organizations like Chitika, SpyFu, DocStoc, and MacFarlane Group, you can bet that Jeremy knows his stuff when it comes to demographics, acquisition, and retention.

Matthew Woodward

I love this guy! Famous for his extremely detailed, ‘leave no stone unturned’ tutorials and in-depth case studies, he’s become a go-to figure for bloggers, SEO professionals, newbies, and veterans alike. Matthew started his online career when he’s only 13 years old: He wrote game reviews and built a website where hardcore gamers can share their video game tutorials and walkthroughs in video format…which was a heaven-sent during the time since YouTube is yet to exist.

Matthew is perhaps most famous for building a blog that made $73,000 in profit and generated 600,000 page views in less than 12 months! His blog, unsurprisingly, won 5 major awards:


  •          Technorati Top 100 Business Blog
  •          Affiliate Summit Top Affiliate Marketing Blog 2013
  •          ProBloggers One To Watch 2013
  •          Best Of SEJ (SearchEngineJournal) 2013 Award
  •          Unbounce Top 75 Marketing Blogs Award

So when Matthew takes the spotlight at Ungagged, pay attention! You’re about to get a no-holds-barred, step-by-step presentation of building your very own blog that pulls in 6-figures.

Brad Goose

A self-taught marketing with 15 years of experience in online marketing, this fella began his path to financial freedom in 1997 by launching his first adult entertainment website. And he sure knows how to make his work stand out in the search engines: For 18 straight months, Brad held the number 2 position for a particular search term which is a very competitive keyword!

A decade later (2007), Brad transitioned to mainstream marketing. Now, he has over 300 tangible marketing products under his belt. And here’s the best part: All of these are automated by systems and run by employees…giving him more time to focus on things that matter like pursuing partnerships, developing new products, or relaxing at his 10-acre home.

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