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Do you Want a Custom USB Flash Drive You Can Wear?

I love gadgets and that is something that I can’t really deny. And one of the useful gadgets that I use most of the time is a USB flash drive. But wouldn’t it be more cooler if you can have something like a custom USB flash drive? Not just an ordinary custom designed USB flash drive but something that you can always carry or wear in a more stylish way? Yes, it is possible and I’ve spotted one cool website that offers a custom USB flash drive design from which you can put into your wrist like a bling. These custom design USB flash drive are called “USBling“.

Plain USB Flash Drive

No, that’s not the custom USB flash drive design that I am talking about. That’s the USB flash drive that I am using and is always on my pocket – yes on my pocket pretty cool! Nah.

USBling - Custom USB Flash DriveSo let us go back about this USBling that I am talking about. There’s an online website spotted in the wild selling this pretty stylish and customized USB flash drive called USBling – USB flash drive + bling. This is a more convenient, cool and stylish way to have your USB Flash Drive. You can always wear them on your wrist like a normal bling or bracelet. There are two selections of USB design from which you can choose from – a combination of leather and steel while the other set are slick-designed silicone rubber USB flash drive.

These custom USB flash drive comes in 2MB, 4MB, 8MB and 16MB – not really meant for storing big videos, files or documents.  I guess this is the only drawback about these custom USB flash drive USBling – lack of storage capacity. We can only store a few music files, photos, videos and documents and we must delete them after we move them into a permanent storage.

If you are wondering how much will it cost you if you want to score one of these.  The cheapest from the list is their 2MB Silicone rubber which will cost you $15.95 each if you plan to buy it from their website. And the most pricey is the Steel with Leather 16MB USB flash drive that costs $39.95 each.

There’s no online shopping cart when you plan to buy these custom USB flash drive. If you purchase one, you will be redirected to the Paypal payment page of BOOM! Grafix / The Quantum Group. The goods will be delivered to the address from your Paypal account.

Personally? I think it’s cool if we have something like these cool and stylish custom designed USB flash drive.  Not only it would be useful but also it will serve as your own daily accessory.  But I do hope the company that creates these should also expand the storage capacity of their USB flash drive. I don’t think a 2MB flash drive storage would really fit into my needs.

I think this will be a massive hit especially if someone or some USB flash drive companies out there like Sandisk would make a custom designed USB flash drive like these.

What do you think?

[Source: USBling]

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