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Using Social Media to Actually Connect with People Again

Social media, like many other new technologies of this century, have gotten a bad reputation for distancing people and making real connections with people next to impossible. Many people claim that the social media sites once designed to connect people all over the world have now created more barriers between each other.

Using Social Media to Actually Connect with People Again
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The truth is that social media is still connecting people online and offline, helping people to create and maintain relationships. However, there are a lot of users who have steered away from this original goal and have forgotten how to use social media to connect with people. Want to be famous on Social media? Try service providers like Trollishly which provides various social media services to maintain your online business reputation and promote your brand. Try to buy TikTok likes from them to know more. Here are some ways that you can reestablish social media as a way to actually connect with people again.

Stop focusing on what you post

The biggest mistake people make with social media today is only focusing on the things that they post. We are so concerned with how many likes our pictures get and how many people comment on our most recent status that we are too distracted to see what other people are posting. Next time you pop on your social media account, spend more time catching up on what your friends and family have going in their lives instead of only focusing on yours.

Use common interests to find other people like you

Social media has been a great way to connect with people through certain interests. People have been able to form groups through social media sites and meet people who have similar goals and aspirations as them. You can try this out yourself. It can be as simple as joining a group that you like, like a group for hikers in California, or using your wall to chat with friends about the latest TV show you watched on Search for other people who have similar interests and share your combined experience through social media.

Connect social media with your other forms of technology

Using social media with other forms of technology is another great way to connect with people that you may not have connected with before. Use social media to not only connect all your other social media accounts, but also other accounts that you have online. Accounts that you might have from online stores or other subscriptions can help you find people that you, again, have similar interests with by connecting them with social media.

Follow through offline

This is the most important step to getting outside your comfort zone and using social media to connect with people on a personal level, instead of only spending your time sitting at your computer. Once you find people through social media that you have similar interests with, you need to make an effort to see those people offline too, so you can create a real and sustainable relationship with them. Schedule times and dates to meet with the people you find online in person. Now you have used social media for its original intended purpose, to connect with people on a personal level.


  1. Social media plays a vital role for make a thing viral. Content is another big platform for getting more traffic If it gets taste like yummy, this is how people can be connect to each other by commenting their sites content. I like the line “Use common interests to find other people like you” most. A good quality of article what can give an excellent idea, and an idea change the life. Connenting with people right now is very difficult though we’ve got lots of technologies power, because of they dont have enough time for to see each other except weekend.

    Basically people get robotic or virtual zombie. Every point of this article is very understandable, it helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing.


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