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Viber 3G VoIP App Launches on Android Market – Free SMS Messages and Calls

Spotted!  You can now send FREE SMS Message and even call your friends for free with Viber – a 3G VoIP App.  This amazing application was initially made and launched for iPhone users last year; and now Viber created a new version for Android smartphone holders from which you can now download from Android Market – No charge at all.  This might come in handy for countries where WiFi hotspots are almost everywhere – one good example is Singapore.  As for Philippines, well, you can and may use this application when you’re inside SM malls or coffee shops that offers WiFi or 3G connections.  But if you’re a post-paid customer and your subscription includes unlimited usage of Internet – that’ll be great!

It’s easy to download, no registration is required, and most of all everything is free – who doesn’t want that kind of deal, right? But you have to bear this in your mind, you can fully enjoy using it, send messages and call for free ONLY if your friend or recipient also have the same application on their phones.


Another thing you need to take note of is if you’re using you’re post-paid subscription and if it does have a bandwidth cap or you’re limited only to a certain number of data bytes for a month – you have to be cautious and be aware that your phone company might bill you for the excess Internet usage you incurred. Why? It is simply because this application is using 3G and the application is VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) so Internet connectivity is essential for this application to work.


We tried testing this yesterday with LG Optimus One, unfortunately it didn’t went well with the installation. When I checked back with Viber, here’s the list of phones where the application was tested to be working:

  • iPhone: Viber works iPhone Models: 3G, 3GS and 4, with IOS: 3.1.3, 4. and newer.
  • iPod touch and iPad (latest generations) are partially supported.
  • Android: We’ve tested Viber for Android on the following devices: HTC Desire , HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire Z, Motorola Milestone, Motorola ATRIX, Samsung Galaxy Ace, ZTE Blade.
  • BlackBerry: A version for Blackberry devices is in the works.

However, even Viber offers and asking all other smartphone users to report directly to them if the application does not work or is not compatible with your phone.

For more FAQs – click here.

If you want to give Viber a shot, you can directly go to their official website or download the Android version of Viber from Android market by clicking this link.


  1. Viber is also available for Blackberry and Nokia now but unfortunately only Beta versions. Only limited number of phones are able to use Viber for calling on these platforms. After wasting my time on my Blackberry I went ahead and derived a method to get Viber for PC. May be your readers will find it useful.


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