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What Is Cloud Hosting and Who Is It For?

Cloud hosting is a process of server configuration that is flexible and allows reliable, scalable, and most affordable web infrastructure. This form of web hosting is becoming hugely popular these days. It follows the idea of ‘Divide and Rule’ and that is why you will find your resources spread over a number of servers. It is delivered mainly on the basis of requirement and due to this very reason you will witness less downtime during the server malfunction.

The major benefit of having cloud hosting services is that there wouldn’t be any bandwidth issues. Instead, you will be able to cope with the peak loads quite comfortably. When the load is high, you will find other servers coming into action and providing the additional resources that are required. If you are looking for an example to understand the scenario better, then don’t look too far, instead the example is right under your nose. Have you ever seen Google suffer from downtime? Guess, what would have happened if Google stopped working, even for just a few seconds? We cannot think of a day like that, but do you know why Google never goes through downtime? That’s because it uses cloud hosting and the load is spread across several servers.


Why cloud hosting?

If you are wondering why you must opt for cloud hosting instead of traditional hosting services, then you must look into the features that it has to offer to its users.

  1. It’s simple – The cloud hosting service can be launched within a matter of a few minutes, helping you in focusing on the content that you deliver rather than wasting your time on setting up the server. The interface is intuitive and that will provide you with easy controlling of the server. You will also be able to secure the data, resize servers and also create new servers quickly without any problem.
  2. Pay for what you use – If you are using cloud hosting services, then you will be charged only for the resources that you put to use. The cost of hosting is generally measured on the per hour basis.
  3. Scalable – It scales with impressive speed, so with the help of cloud hosting you will be able to reduce or expand the servers within no time. This ensures that you don’t end up wasting money on resources that are not necessary.
  4. Secured – If you want to keep your contents safe, then cloud hosting is the best way to do that. The information that is hosted in the cloud is always protected against any kind of hardware failure.
  5. Reliable and customizable – It ensures that each server is isolated and it doesn’t affect the performance of other servers. With the help of cloud hosting you will be able to customize the server of your any time you want and as per your requirements.

Who will benefit from cloud hosting?

Now an important question and that is cloud hosting is best suited for whom? Though it is suitable for almost every kind of web application, still if you look in closely you will be able to figure out that cloud hosting is a great option for the following –

  • If the application that you are using needs special configuration for the server, then you can opt for cloud hosting. Due to its customizable nature, you can make necessary adjustments as per your requirement. Therefore, if you want, you can acquire Apache module PHP easily with cloud hosting.
  • If you are running a forum with hundred thousand users and in a single day around hundred users are always online, then make use of cloud hosting services and your users won’t face any problem in enjoying their discussion on important matters.
  • Applications that are hungry for resources mostly require more and more CPU. Not only that even memory consumption and the time required to run is also used by such application in huge quantity. So, in order to meet all these requirements, cloud hosting seems to be the best option.

Though cloud based hosting is the best form of hosting, needless to say, it comes with a price. Even public cloud hosting, which is the most affordable type of cloud hosting, will cost you more than a traditional VPS. So, it’d be in your best interest to choose your hosting carefully. Here are some of the top cloud hosting providers reviewed for you If, however, you’d rather go for an affordable VPS solution, then I would advise you to go through a trusted VPS hosting review site in order to be doubly sure that you get a reliable hosting for your website. In either case, take an informed decision and you’ll never be let down.

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