Where Can I Acquire An API Key For Akismet WordPress Plugin

First of all, let us define and discuss what WordPress, API, Akismet plugin, and SPAM. The only thing that I can assure you is they’re all related and needed to have a healthy posted article.  Of course you wanted to share this article to your avid readers, and you wanted to gain more readers and even increase your hits – but there’s one thing that you should also consider and that’s SPAM comments.

WordPress is an open source blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL.
API or application programming interface, needless to say it’s a short code from a third-party application or websites which enables you to utilize their application.
Akismet is one of the plugins included when you download and install WordPress, it’s an application that filters spam comments from either other websites or from users who uses foul language(s).
Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems which send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.

Now if you’re using WordPress as your blog application, along with it is the plugin called Akismet.  This plugin was created by Automattic, the same group who created WordPress.  Their goal is to eliminate web spam from different websites as many as possible.  And since they’re also the creator of WordPress, they’ve incorporated this plugin when you download and use WordPress as your blog application.  All you need to do is grab an API (application programming interface) and use this to filter those unsolicited comments on your blog sites.

So how to obtain the API Key after you activate it from your WordPress Akismet Configuration Dashboard?  All you have to do is create an account in WordPress Blog.  If you used a valid email address during your registration, WordPress will send you an email first, to activate your registration and then followed by another email where the WordPress API will be included like the image below.

 API For Akismet Plugin

Once you obtained the key, just copy it and paste it in the Akismet Configuration and save it.  After this, you’ll notice that all the comments will be filtered especially those spam comments from other websites.


Note that Akismet is free for personal use or for your personal blog, but they also offer Akismet for commercial use.

Happy blogging!


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