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Why Buyers Still Prefer Blackberry? Reasons of Popularity

Blackberry has largely been regarded as one of the best smartphones in the market. However, in terms of sales, Blackberry has been lagging behind compared to iPhone and Samsung sales. In spite of this setback, there are a number of consumers who still prefer Blackberry over other smartphones. In contrast to other smartphones in the market, Blackberry has its own unique design. The design and format used on Blackberry greatly differs from those used in other smartphones. Moreover, the interface, applications and appearance of Blackberry phones are distinct.


A number of consumers are quite picky when it comes to purchasing mobile phones as they do not like change. There are those who prefer ease of use plus comfort, while there are others who are quite cautious in respect to the brands selected. Satisfying consumer needs is the number one priority for virtually all companies because of brand recognition. It is for this reason that Blackberry opted to build features that are unique to their product, thereby making the smartphone stand out above the rest in the market.

The following are some of the reasons why buyers still prefer Blackberry over other smartphones:

Physical Keyboard

Blackberry is one of the few companies that still design and build first-class mobile devices featuring physical keyboards. Blackberry mobile phones are designed with QWERTY keypads while at the same time bearing in mind that its competitors are fast changing to touch screen know-how. As is the case with other companies, Blackberry phone makers are in tandem with changing technology, but are still incorporating physical keyboard into their design. It is for this reason that millions of smartphone consumers are still attracted to Blackberry. A survey which was recently carried out in respect to the smartphone market discovered that Blackberry is the online device that has the best physical keyboard.

Distinct Applications

Foremost, it is important to point out that Blackberry has the best instant messenger in the market. Whereas this application is nowadays accessible in virtually all kinds of operating systems, Blackberry’s BBM is still regarded as the most effective instant messenger in the market to date. The good thing about using instant messenger in communicating with friends is that it is not only cheap, but an efficient means to communicate with friends. Unknown to most consumers is the fact that Blackberry was the first company to introduce instant messaging.

Nonetheless, the application realm is fast becoming competitive as new operating systems form iPhone and Android amongst others continues to enter the market. However, Blackberry applications are unique since the applications are built around the physical keyboard.

Work and Email

Given that Blackberry features a physical keyboard it is quite possible for users to create a 500 word or more article by simply using Blackberry. As such, employees can utilize Blackberry phones to do their work from virtually anywhere (i.e. restaurants, cinema halls and restrooms).

Whereas pundits have sounded a death bed for Blackberry given the introduction of other smartphones into the market, it is only time that will tell if Blackberry phones will become obsolete.

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