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Why do you need a backup software?

So you had just bought a new solid state drive? Can’t wait to enjoy the fast speed? Then you should know there is a tool which allows you to clone hard drive windows 10 in just minutes. But then you will ask, how to move windows 10 to SSD? This is where you will need EaseUS Todo Backup Free 9.0, the best backup software to help you out.

What makes it the best backup software and hugely popular with more than 6 million users worldwide then? This is because it is very user-friendly that lets you backup/migrate data with ease, and offers a simple solution for all your backup, disk clone and disaster recovery needs. You don’t have to install few solutions, just this one will do.


The latest version 9.0 now supports all the way up to 16 Terabyte hard disk drive. Although most typical home users won’t be using a drive this big, it is still good to see it keep up with the times. In the new version the user interface has now been designed to make it asmoother backup and recovery process for everyone. Don’t know how to move Windows to SSD ? Just a few clicks, and you could be done in no time at all.

Other features found in EaseUS Todo Backup is System Backup. This lets you back up your entire system which includes your Windows OS, applications, games and system settings all into a single compressed file. Then there’s Disk Imaging which does a block-level disk imaging to quickly and efficiently back up an entire disk or volume. Or if you prefer to do things on a smaller scale, using File Backup, you can now choose specific files, folders or file types to backup.

All the above can be scheduled accordingly to take place either daily, weekly, monthly or after triggering a certain event. It is easily customized so you get the best performance out of it. Just set it, and the best backup software will perform it when it is time.

With Migration and Clone, this is the feature that allows you to migrate os to ssd windows 10. It provides a way that is fast, easy and safe to migrate an entire system to a much faster solid state drive, so you won’t have to learn how to move windows 10 to ssd. Or if you bought a larger capacity hard drive as an upgrade, you can also migrate accordingly.

Finally, Browse Image File lets you browse all your available backups just like you would be using Windows Explorer. Here you can simply copy/paste files and folders for better management of your backups.

In summary, EaseUS Todo Backup Free 9.0 is all you need and more to help you to migrate os to ssd windows 10. Using this nifty application, you no longer need to know how to move windows 10 to ssd; just let it solve it for you. No wonder it has been called the best backup software.

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