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Why Pinterest is the Social Media Platform of the Future

Along with many social media platforms came a very special type of network, Pinterest, a whole new concept that took us by surprise in 2012 when, as opposed to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other platforms, it gave the user the possibility of expressing himself simply by using visual stimuli. It offers such a different experience than all the other social media sites that it is clear to everyone, even those who have NEVER used it, exactly how different it is. Because while people claim that Google+ could be a “Facebook killer”, no one could say that Pinterest was created in the likeness of any of the social media platforms we have nowadays, simply because it offers a completely different perspective, that of creating an image-based pin board that users find captivating.

The first thing that differentiates Pinterests from other social media sites is that it centers around images. And since they seem to convey much more than simple words can, it is easy to understand why users flock towards this new-found social toy. That and the fact that it is so much simple to get the message across through images than through long paragraphs. You are actually showing others a bit of who you are by arranging things you enjoy on your Pinterest Board.

Also, Pinterest is, as opposed to Facebook, a social media platform that caters to a specific topic, a niche if you will, about almost every topic. You have your moms, trying to find the new tasty recipe, the decorators, the event-planners, the visual-artists, the photographers, the designers, the women interested in shopping, the everything for everyone. Because the most important thing is that Pinterest is one of the best organizing tools out there. People know exactly what they are searching for and why they are following other users. Every agency should be using this platform, especially those which focus on visuals.

And let’s face it, we do live in a consumer driven society. So Pinterest is the result of that- an enormous product collection in image form. No text, no news, no long stories. Simple, fun, easy content where the enjoyment is not in the reading but in the clicking.

Moreover, you can choose to increase the visibility of your blog by use of Pinterest. You can make good use of subjects that have a large audience on Pinterest and simply pin your blog on those subjects. Or you could choose to plan your wedding by using the pinboards in different ways. The key aspect is to keep social, so comment and like other people’s pins, tag people and compliment them. That will make you a noticeable presence and will end up giving you tons of publicity. Once you get people following you, be sure you’ve struck gold in terms of SEO pursuits. And since Pinterest is addicting, it’s only a matter of time before you get the ball rolling and more and more people pin your content.

Last but not least, the possibility of interconnecting your Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter account works as a supreme social media merge of the 3 most important such platforms. You’ll soon discover your friends are interested in things you never would have guessed and this adds different dimensions to your friendships. This will also be useful with potential customers, since knowing their interests will enable you to reach them at a more intimate level and approach them differently.

So let your Pinning begin!

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Leroy Michaels is an online entrepreneur who first decided to go digital with his business and has got a great agency recommendation for all those interested. He sells customized jewelry and accessories online, which he helps make within his family business.

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  1. Thank you for the great article. Pinterest and youtube is the next generation social media platform for advertising a business. Visual presentation is more fun to view and quicker to digest than reading lengthy articles.


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