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Why Samsung Still Leads The Smartphone Race

After besting its archrival Apple in last quarter, Samsung is still in the lead in the smartphone race. The Korean mobile phone company’s full Q2 sales report shows 50.2 million smartphone units sold. That’s almost half of what Apple sold, which is a decent 26 million. Despite the legal challenge from Apple, Samsung continues to rack up profits and for very obvious reasons.

Samsung beat Apple in Q2 because of its flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S III. The high-end device faced very little competition from HTC and LG. With no new Apple device in the picture, it was easy for Samsung to secure the top spot. The phone also received good reviews from industry experts, contributing to its great market performance.

Best Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III

Apple’s recent release, the iPhone 4S, only received mixed reviews. It also lacked features that the market demands, like the 4G connectivity. Samsung’s flagship phone offers this and more. Aside from its slew of convenient features and functionalities, the Galaxy S III has a larger screen, a lighter weight, and slimmer design.

Samsung’s success, however, was not only due to its high-end device. While Apple is only targeting the high-end market and with only one smartphone, Samsung is earning more with its many smartphone options available in different price brackets. Samsung’s strategy was smart. It also helped the company break a record last quarter, making up for the slow performance of other electronic businesses.

The question now is whether Samsung can stay on top of the list for the next two quarters. Most likely, the chances are slim. Apple’s next-generation iPhone will definitely make it more difficult for the company to strategize. The holiday demand trend will also determine Samsung’s overall performance in the market.


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