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Why We Need Antivirus Software for our PC?

Few days back, my friend bought a new PC, installed Windows and came to me to ask for the best antivirus for his system. I did help him and asked him a question that ‘Why do your need one?’ And as expected, no reply. Not only my friend, there are many people who want to install antivirus on their system and take it as first thing to do after installing Windows, but are not aware of its reason. So why do we need antivirus? Don’t start giving that funny answer, “To remove viruses”. Come on, this is the basic answer which even a Nursery class student can give just from the name ‘Antivirus’. It’s the basic need of antivirus. There are a lot of reasons for which we need antivirus. Let’s see what they are.


I  Have An Internet Connection

Don’t feel proud to say that ‘I have an Internet connection’. It’s no longer a precious jewel. Internet is house of all viruses. I can’t even imagine that how dangerous the virus coming from the Internet can be. It can wipe all of my data in just few minutes. Antivirus software does offer the Internet protection shield. This helps to stay safe from the viruses that always try to find their ways from websites to my hard drive.


I Use Email Services

Well, as I have Internet connection so it’s obvious that I use Email services. I daily get new emails claiming the lottery draws. I feel happy on them and in the immense happiness, I don’t mind to open the attachments that I get with those emails. Oh! here is what I play a foolish part. These attachments usually contain virus and spyware and are created to make a way for that virus to reach my computer. My mind is hunger for money. It will compel me to click on links again. But thank God! my antivirus not like me. It identifies the email containing virus, in the first look and protects me from them.


I Love to Get Data From My Friend

My friend loves me a lot. He does not refuse to fill my pen drive with games and films that I need. He is so good that he gives me viruses as gift. What?? Viruses?? My so-called geek friend does not even know about the virus he is having in his computer. OK, he might be in love with viruses but I don’t. But what to do? I believe my friend and take data from him with closed eyes. Again thank to that Almighty, who has blessed my computer with antivirus. My antivirus does not care that where the data is coming from. As soon as I connect my pen drive to my computer, it starts scanning the data and move out all the lovely gifts (viruses) to a separate list. As I am a shy person and don’t like to get gifts from others, so I don’t need these precious gifts from my loving friend.


Oh! So that’s the reason I need antivirus in my system. I thought that it’s just a show case and necessary to use computer. But no it’s not. Or it is? Let me know about it in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio:
Ilya Elbert writes for several IT Support and Computer Repair companies.


  1. A computer virus must multiply as it moves from host to host in order for it to survive, much the same as a cold or flu virus. Although antivirus programs can eliminate the threat of a virus, they cannot alter the underlying capability of host software to transmit viruses. This is why you need to ensure all home or business computers are well protected.

  2. Absolutely agree on every point. However, I notice that many people mistakenly assume that having antivirus on the computer makes it immune to any kind of viruses. It is important to know that you still can’t go clicking on every suspicious link and every harmful site you find. Antivirus greatly decreases the chances of the computer getting a virus, but it is still possible for it to get infected.

  3. I never really thought about this before, I just always have had antivirus software on my PC, as well as registry cleaning software. I know exactly why I have the registry cleaner, but I just always assumed I should have antivirus….just because. lol. Thanks for the really entertaining and informative article.


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