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All About Windows 8 Task Manager

Since the Windows 8 was launched by Microsoft everyone was talking about its extra modern features and facilities. I’m personally obsessed with the extra smartness of this Windows 8.

One of the best thing I found in Windows 8 to talk about is its all new Task Manager which is a complete package to show and maintain the performance of my PC and now I don’t feel need of any other task manager app like Auto Run and Process Explorer.

The task manager in Windows 8 is just awesome weather I talk about its information view or assistance provided to me. Here below are some of the facts which will support my P.O.V. over this topic.

#1 Task Manager View

I like the view of task Manager the most though, it is very similar to that one of the older versions but it has the looks which just amaze me. All the option which is used to be the in older version of the task manager is still there but in more synchronized way. The below screen shot shows that as well.

#2 Startup Process Manager

I agree with the fact that the Windows 8 is very fast in processing but once I’ve shut it down and want to start it again it takes much time then expected which is quite annoying sometimes.

To help this situation task manager is available with Startup option which I can use to decide that which process should get stated with the computer and which not.

Less the processes at the start time less time will be taken by PC to get ready to use and I don’t need any other app like Auto Run as I mentioned above.

#3 Running Process Graph

Every process which is running on the computer is using memory and Windows 8 task manager shows is it in quite a unique way. It shows me clearly that how much memory these process are consuming of CPU, Disk and RAM.

All these data gives me a better status of my PC so that I make decision regarding this exactly correct.

#4 The Extra Cheese

Some more features are there in Windows 8 task manager which are not so much useful but still provide information about my PC and some of them were also available in older versions also so I think you are familiar with them already. Here they are.

  • Services: It’s a familiar name to all of us and we all know that it is used to tell the status of a service which is running or stopped.
  • Users: If I’ve shared my PC with one or more than one PC then this option tells me about the memory consumption of each PC.
  • App History: It works according to its name, tells me about the usage history of different apps. But, I don’t find it much useful or rather I would say that it’s of no use to me.
  • Details: It is as same as it was in older versions of windows task manager. It is a list of all process running on my PC which I don’t understand till now.

So this was all about Window 8 Task Manager and I think I’ve told you enough about this so that you can use it properly like I’m doing.

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Kuldeep Khatri is a tech Savvy guy from India who is a blogger by Interest, freelance writer by Passion, Internet User by Addiction & a Student by force. He blogs about technology at TechiePlaza where he reviews effective Apps like UC Browser for PC and Hike Messenger for Android.

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