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WixStores – The Most Intuitive and User-Friendly eCommerce Website Builder

Sounds like a perfume or room freshener by title, WixStores is a user-friendly, powerful ecommerce website builder that can help you expose your business or concept at online market with great customization and minimum effort. It is a great online store builder that helps users to launch a professional-looking website with web hosting. WixStores is an extension of, which is a free website builder.

ecommerce website builder


  • Hundreds of free templates for different businesses
  • Great tools for building mobile sites
  • Rich features to develop a web store


  • No feature for in-built statistics


  • You can easily build a professionally-looking website because WixStores delivers all the functionality and features you need.


Getting Started

All you need is an email address to get started with Or you can subscribe to a premium account to get a website with desired URL, a web store, and desired favicon and URL. The packages which include the WixStores functionality are the VIP and the eCommerce plans. The yearly VIP plan goes for $24.90/month, which consists of 20 GB of storage, shopping cart, and priority support. The yearly VIP plan goes for $16.17/month.

eCommerce Website


Once your account is created, you need to pick the type of website you desire. After selecting the site and hitting “GO” button, it will redirect you to several templates to choose from. All templates are free.



The interface of the HTML5 drag ‘n drop editor, is very intuitive and clear for building websites. On the top, it has a control bar and it allows you to choose the page to work on, search for anything on the pages, set guides and rulers, use redo/undo options, and publish or save your website. There editing options for design, pages, and items on the left side like media, text, shapes, social buttons, stores, etc. and other settings. provides a lot of other types of pages like Blank, services and pricelists, about, blog, contact, gallery, news, FAQ and online store. You can maintain your theme and have a navigation link on new pages.


All you have to do is click on anything you want to edit in your Wix eCommerce website. This is one of the best things I personally like. As compared to other website builders, provides more online services, such as Skype, PayPal and social networks, which can be added through the Wix app market. You can also add form builders, Instagram feeds, which are all available in the Wix app market.


Wix also features Feedback Option to help you build your website. All you need to send a link and your colleague or friend can comment on certain things related to your site. It will also send you notification when someone comments on your website. Wix also has Site History with which you can reset your site to its original state. When it comes to publish your site, it allows you index your website by search engine crawlers. After publishing a page, you can also share your update on Twitter or Facebook.

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