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Unfortunately due to some inappropriate submitted articles I am now temporarily taking this down until further notice. For interested writers or contributors please send me an E-mail directly. Thanks.

If you are a passionate writer, hobbyist, content contributor, or new to blogging who wanted more exposure then you can join Eyes4Tech by submitting your unique content. I, Arsie “RC” Organo Jr., personally manage this blog site including the contents and have been in the blogging industry since 2011. With this success, I would like to help my fellow writers to allow them to be able to show their talents and be exposed to more readers. If you feel that you wanted to entrust your unique content to our blog site then you are most welcome to register and submit your article. However, you must abide to Eyes4Tech’s Terms and Conditions otherwise your guest post will be automatically rejected.

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What type of articles you can submit?

We take pride of our articles and ensure that we provide our readers the most relevant and factual information that our readers need. As such, we would only want nothing but only the best and truthful articles or posts for our readers. This is something that all of the editors and contributors of shares and tries to maintain. The things we discuss are not limited into one topic only, for as long as it is tech-related and substantial content then your article is welcome here.

Here are some recommended and well-accepted articles

All about Blogging

  • WordPress helpful, cool, new, or popular Plugins or Themes (free/premium)
  • Customizing WordPress Themes or Plugins
  • WordPress integration tips
  • Basic/advance SEO tips and techniques
  • Effective blogging

Product Reviews (Gadget, new technology, any tech-related) – subjected for review
Mobile, Smartphone’s, Gadgets, Notebooks, Desktop Updates
Mobile Apps and Games
Desktop and Apple Apps and Games
Android, iOS, and RIM Technologies and updates
How To, Programming and Tutorials
Making Profits Online Or Internet Marketing
Online Affiliate Marketing Tips
Security Apps

If you think that you have something to share that does not fall under any of the categories above then you can still submit them and I will review it once I get the notification.

Some but IMPORTANT reminders if you are submitting your articles

The following below will also reflect once you accept Eyes4Tech.COM’s Terms of Use and Agreement but to save you more time before you actually register as an author or contributor, then you should take time to read these first.

1. Author bio with an email address that is the same as with your Gravatar account for the author Bio avatar otherwise you will have an author bio with blank avatar.

2. Giving and/or acknowledging someone’s work – We totally respect all of our authors’ and/or contributors’ hard work. But if you are writing which was derived or came from someone’s idea DO NOT forget to give them credits as well. This also goes to the images, screenshots, or even videos that you will be using for your article. But if your work is totally original then approving your content wouldn’t be a problem.

3. Quality of the content/article – Content is still the KING! Yes, this is true. And it will be much appreciated if your submitted content contains not less than 500 words. However, there’s a catch here. If we find your article somehow going in circles just to cover the minimum number of words then seeking for my approval to publish your post will be hard. So, when I mean quality, your article needs not to be senseless but rather should factual and not half-cooked article.

4. Images and/or videos – I don’t expect that you will add your own original images and/or videos for the post you will submit. Although it is required that you add images/videos to your post to attract more readers. But DO NOT just copy them from other websites especially if those media contents have copyright.

5. NO Affiliate links allowed! – This is self-explanatory and I don’t think there is a need to explain further. Don’t make my website as your medium to gain more money.

6. Self Promotion/Promotional links – Isn’t the 2 byline link in your profile enough? If you want me to approve your article then do not add more especially those paid links. Again, do not use my blog site for you to gain more money.

7. No degrading / defaming material.

8. No malicious, Gambling sites, products, eCoupon, and/or e-Commerce back links (i.e. Selling or offering Products/Business)

9. Copyright – You will be automatically get banned from our author’s list and your work will be automatically removed if we detected that the article has been spun, copied from other’s website, or if we receive any complaints from others that you have copied their work – BE ORIGINAL!

10. A plagiarism type of article will automatically not be posted

11. Topics about gambling or anything alike will be removed or disapproved.

Our Promise and Commitment For Your Hard Work:

1. “Exposure” to our readers and followers

2. We will let you include a max of two(2) backlinks ONLY on your Author Bio***

3. Additional promotion/sharing from our end on Social Networking sites (i.e. FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

4. An article will be left posted for as long as this domain is Live and Online

5. Authors, Editors, and Contributors will receive a notification from US if the article submitted have been compromised due to plagiarism or duplicate contents.

***Since the article is yours from the very beginning then you are responsible for answering all the comments or inquiries from your own post. NOT DOING SO, we will REMOVE the backlinks from your author Bio and will only be lifted once you come back to us with an explanation. – Let’s have some sense of responsibility and ownership with our own work.

I am ready now, how and when can I start submitting articles?

Now, if you have fully read, understood, accept the terms of use and conditions then you are ready to go!

If you are a WordPress user, then I don’t think it will be hard for you to submit your article for approval. You just need to register an account with us (Contributor level by default) by heading over to our Registration page. Read how you can maximize Eyes4Tech.COM’s tools when posting an article below.

After you register your own account YOU MUST update your profile.

1. Click Profile from WordPress Admin Dashboard left panel.

Eyes4Tech Profile

2. Update your display name and social pages.

Display Name

3. Lastly, the most important part is putting some texts describing yourself and changing your password.

About Yourself


Eyes4Tech.COM WordPress Posting Tools

I, in particular understand your need as a blogger and because of that I am investing on effective tools to help everyone. From FREE plugin tools up to PREMIUM tools that will give assistance or guide to each one of us bloggers. I may don’t have everything but I am sure getting there. For now, I think we have it completely covered. You can watch the video below to see what are the available tools we have.

WordPress itself is SEO friendly already but the competition out there is very tight. So if you miss some of the basics then you might not succeed on getting to the top SERP. And the same thing will happen if you overdo your SEO. Your article will penalize if not by me, by search engines like Google.

So here are the few tools I have that might find useful.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast – Make sure that you have a “focus keyword” and it passes (green) on all required places.

2. Author Review – If you are to write a product review and you need to add ratings.

3. Easy WP SEO – an effective SEO tool like WordPress SEO by Yoast but it can show you your focus keyword’s score and keyword density.

As time goes by, of course I will add more tools.

Not familiar with WordPress?

But if you are not used to or familiar with WordPress, you can still submit your work to me by sending me an email containing your article in either MS Word format and attach the images separately. Send them at contact @

If you have any further questions or inquiries, you can either send me an email or drop your message via our contact form.


If your submitted article or post has been disapproved (reasons for disapproval will be given by the Admin), the author MUST do the necessary adjustments to the post as soon as possible. The author will be given only 3 days to do so and failure to comply, the post will be deleted.

For everyone’s strict compliance!